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The bible has some pretty violent parts, too...
And in Winnie the Pooh there is this incredibly binge-eating bear. Might encourage kids to eat too much sugar. And Eye-ore is too depressed! ;-D
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Who knows, maybe there is a misspelling and it was meant to say: "A free thanker is santas slave." ;-)
As a European that makes as much sense to me.

Ok, if you are a free-thinker, that is anti-christian (according to Wikipedia), you are probably as intolerant as the pastor here.
What bothers me is an entirely different thing:

What is it, that in US-America you can seriously talk or write the term "satan" or "evil" (as in axis of evil)- meaning it literally and still be accepted as pastor or president (leader figure)?
Do you people over there really believe in the personified evil?
Or is it that it just works for "all the others" but not the individual?
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