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I think Jerry was really overreacting to the whole Petrillo thing. It would be one thing if Mitchell and Petrillo used the same Martin and Lewis sketches and dialogue but it sounds like they had their own.

Carol Burnette hired Vicki Lawrence for her TV show mostly because of how much Vicki looked like her. Jerry should have used the eerie resemblance to his advantage and made movies using Petrillo.
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WOW! Never knew ANY of this! Could this possibly explain why Jerry Lewis, while meeting certain people who resembled him in some manner, might have been less than kind???? Hmmmm. So this film was worse than Plan 9 From Outer Space? I'll HAVE to see it now! And I'd love to see old footage of Sammy Petrillo's act! Thanks, Eddie, for another great article.
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Excellent article Eddie. I have to agree with Charlie on this one and to have The Little Tramp speak would have taken away a lot of his persona. I think I would have just retired the character.

And correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Jerry Lewis use "Smile" as his theme song from his Muscular Dysprophy Telethons? I seem to recall the orchestra playing it a lot when they would reveal an updated dollar amount or return from breaks.
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Great article Eddie. Maybe it was best that Jodie Foster won the Best Actress Academy Award. I would think having two friends from the same movie going up against each other for the same award would have been tough...especially for the loser.
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I think The Bellboy was the first non-Martin & Lewis movie I ever saw. Its still my favorite. Of course when you're around 8 years old, any movie that makes you laugh that hard instantly becomes your favorite. Great article Eddie!!
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Wow! I did not know this messed up his reputation or career. Everyone was talking about it -- I guess in the wrong way, however. I remember the big joke at the time had to do with the staple! Great article, Eddie!
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I was 12 when all the fuss happened. I remember seeing the picture and not really thinking much about it since his privates were covered. To me it was like looking at a guy lying on the beach. No biggie.
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I've loved this film forever, and I NEVER KNEW any of this behind-the-scenes stuff. WOW! Too bad for Harriet Nelson, with her role later going to "the Beave's" mom! I can't tell you how many times I've said, "And don't call me Shirley" in my lifetime! Great article, Eddie!
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I've never heard of her by name but she most definitely looks familiar. Thanks for the You Tube link Eddie. How cool it must have been to work with all those famous directors and stars and yet when recognized on the street was likely asked "Aren't you what's-her-name?".
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