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you have to realize that all these stories predate disney. The princesses' roles where likely set long before woman's sufferage, never mind the feminist movement. So disney (in regular disney fashion) took stories that already existed and made it their own, within the original framework. Why doesn't Mr. Brunner consider characters like Wendy, or Mulan. or more modern disney female roles, like in pixar movies. Pixar's stories tend to be brand new and not recycled. So, females characters aren't held down by their pre-feminist/ woman's suffrage beginnings.
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The problem with the NY metro card is that it is disposable. NY should follow Shanghai's example and adopt a sturdy credit-card-like metro card. The commuter would pay a one time fee for a rechargeable metro card and once 'e is done with it 'e hands in back in for a reimbursement of that one-time charge. In so doing the commuter will be forced to recycle, because it will be part of the transaction.
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