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Anyone who does not believe an individual should be able to choose whether, and to what degree, they live in privacy, does not believe in freedom.
Ask Dyer what he would do about those who did not care for his vision of Utopia.
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"Each kid has $2.5 million controlled by trustees, who can release money only for education, health care, a home purchase or a business start-up."

Is that all? If I took the mortgage, health care costs, and the fear of college costs out of my budget, I would have worries, and enough money to quit all but one part-time job. To pay for groceries.

But then again, I'm over 40, so I'd get enough to quit all my jobs!
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The artisan cheese makers in the U.S. already call their cheeses by unique names. The cheeses that will be affected are the bulk cheeses which are bland imitations of the original European cheeses.

First world problem: Roquefort and Bleu cheeses from France now seem to be made on an assembly line, to the point where you can see exactly where the machinery injected the mold in a uniform pattern. I'd be in favor of requiring them to be labeled American-style Roquefort too.
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As even hit TV series rarely last more than eight years now, these children will be pegged by their age for the rest of their lives. You know how most Shirleys were born in the 1930s, any Peggy Sue will have been born in 1958-1959, and you can guess the age of any Farrah, Layla, and Shania.
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This comes as no surprised to those of us who know of his political party's affiliation. Pres. Mujica's Broad Front party is democratically socialist. As a member of the US based Democratic Socialist party, I recognize the earnest, humble dedication to his fellow workers. You've got to live it.
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