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They're not running a business. They're trustifarians, who will mostly idly on the income from their trust funds. They won't have to work.

Not leaving piles of money to your kids forces them to work. They may not have to get a high-paying job, but they will have to have some kind of job.
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My plan to revisit my favorite childhood memory of seeing the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in person went horribly wrong when I was sent forward in time, instead of back.

Never cheap out on parts for your time machine.
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So now you have me wondering about weight increases in the boomers and the next generation or so of Americans. Sure, many of us eat horribly and easily acquired processed food is contributing to it, but now I wonder if some of this results from the days when mothers to be were told to not gain more than 15 pounds during pregnancy, because they wouldn't want to lose their figures. And this was with women who grew up during the Great Depression and WWII, when getting enough to eat was often a real problem.
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My last flight on SWA ended in a teeth jarring, headache starting, hard landing. The flight attendant picked up the intercom. We heard the click, then a pause, then, "Um," pause, "we're here." Everybody laughed, and probably saved the airline a ton of complaints.
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I'm not a tattoo person, but now and then I consider getting part of the Litany of Fear tattooed on me to remind me what I've survived and how far I've come. The Litany was the most important and memorable part of Dune for me when I read it as a teen. I think it helped me.
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The Indians named themselves in honor of a former teammate who was American Indian. But Chief Wahoo has got to go. He is an obscenity. And if a large number of American Indians are offended by the name, then change it. Geez.
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44. Yes, 44. But there are movies on that list that fall under the so bad it's good banner, and some that are not great movies but are still fun late at night with a bowl of popcorn. I've watched Ghost Rider several times, The League of Extraordinary Gentleman a couple of times. I watched Nothing But Trouble mostly for Digital Underground; I'll just buy the music from now on.

Some of these, despite being bad, should be sat through once, like Zardoz and Plan 9 from Outer Space.
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