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Clothes Designed Specifically for Wheelchair Users

A standard men's suit is designed to look best while standing. It gets a bit baggy while seated. That's a problem for people who are usually seated, specifically, in a wheelchair.

In 2004, a journalist who uses a wheelchair approached fashion designer Izzy Camilleri and asked her to produce fashionable clothing that fit a wearer well while using a wheelchair. Camilleri went on to found IZ Adaptive, a company that produces just that. It has a wide range of fashionable clothes for men and women.

For example, this suit jacket comes in two pieces. The user puts it on one at a time, then zips up the back. The arch cut in the back prevents bunching-up while in a chair.

-via Marginal Revolution

Sniffing Out The Truth About The Orgasm Mushroom

There's a bawdy tale told of a fungus that grows wild in Hawaii which is rumored to induce orgasms in women who sniff it, but like many of these wild tales the truth has never been truly confirmed.

The claim was made by John C. Holliday in his paper "Spontaneous female orgasms triggered by the smell of a newly found tropical Dictyophora Desv. species", research John says began when local women spoke of sniffing a mushroom that "made them feel funny".

But science writer and Postdoctoral scholar Dr. Christie Wilcox wasn't convinced by John's claims, so she set out to discover the truth for herself, a journey that became Expedition Ecstasy: Sniffing Out The Truth About Hawai'i's Orgasm-Inducing Mushroom.

It's an interesting look at what it takes to turn local lore into hard science, and Christie's story proves once again that if something sounds too good to be true it probably is...and it most likely smells like crap.

-Via Boing Boing

Movie References in The Simpsons Side-by-Side with the Original Film Scenes

Vimeo Link

Fans of The Simpsons appreciate the show in part for its witty cultural references. In this well done video by cgmzz that is a Vimeo Staff pick, film references in the Simpsons are shown opposite the real scenes to which tribute is being paid. The result is a fun feast for the eyes. Should you have missed any of the references, this video gives the title of the film alongside the name of the Simpsons episode pictured. (Warning: NSFW nudity — brief shot of topless woman.)

Baby Horse Knocked over By His Own Sneeze

(Video Link)

The little newborn foal filmed by Sammi Hill experienced his first sneeze and went for a tumble. Either he’s a bit unsteady on his legs or he’s discovered a superpower. Get back up try again, little foal.

-via Tastefully Offensive

People Intentionally Buy Balls of Tangled Yarn for the Pleasure of Untangling Them

(Photo: Ben Hosking)

Knitters are often frustrated to find their yarn tangled. Some people, however, really enjoy the task of untangling yarn. It's a soothing, meditative experience. In fact, so many people like to untangle yarn that they buy balls of yarn that have been intentionally tangled. The Wall Street Journal reports:

Daphne Basnet of Melbourne, Australia, once paid about $50 on eBay for a 25-pound box of snarled yarn, simply for the pleasure of untangling it. “I was so happy, I can’t tell you,” recalls the 58-year-old of her purchase, a mess of about 120 knotted balls. […]

Devoted detanglers typically offer to take on the projects for the cost of shipping. Competition for the most maddening messes can be fierce. Some members check the group every day.

“People will jump in and say, ‘Send it to me!’ ” says Mary Enright, 56, a detangler from Sioux Falls, S.D.

Many say their work untangling yarn is strangely relaxing, an escape from their worries and a way to create order out of chaos. Some also enjoy unwinding iPod headphones cords and straightening Christmas-tree lights.

-via Marginal Revolution

Before and After

I made a huge holiday feast for Christmas Eve, and then went to my mother’s house for another on Christmas Day. Meanwhile, I made four kinds of candy to give away as gifts (with leftovers) and received gifts of candy and cookies. One or two furious days of cooking mean that I won’t be cooking at all for the next week. If anyone gets tired of leftovers, they can bring home takeout, I won’t mind. I hope your Christmas feasting was just as nice. This comic is from Sarah Andersen at Sarah’s Scribbles.

A Moment with the Cat

I’ve got news for you. Your cat is always judging you. Lucky for you, he’s only judging you on things cats care about, like the quality of food you give him and how warm your lap is. What makes them such good confidants is the fact that they don’t speak English, and so their judgements won’t cross the species border. This is the latest from Lunarbaboon.

High School Restroom Pass

In many American high schools, if you’re caught in a hallway during class, you need something to prove that you have permission to be out of the classroom. In these schools, teachers can give out hall passes, or “potty passes.” They are often slips of paper, but sometimes are more creative, in order to force shy students to choose between feeling humiliated or holding it in. Non-shy students don’t care. Redditor bad_trip_ posted such a pass from his school. It’s a full-size cardboard cutout of a cop.

One of my teachers back in the ‘70s used a toilet seat for a potty pass. No one cared, and some would even wear it around their necks. Of course, back then it was important to go to the restroom often, because that was the only place in the building you could smoke (besides the teachers lounge).

Every Customer Service Call

YouTube Link

Have you made a call to a large corporation in the last... oh... two to fifteen years and had a positive experience in which you were waited on promptly without a number of transfers and without having to repeat the same information ad nauseam? Did the employees seem to want to resolve the issue about which you were calling? Yes? Do you have four legs, a silky mane and a single, pointed horn growing out of the top of your head? I thought as much. (NSFW language) -Via Viral Viral Videos

This Kayak Is Literally Made of an Office

You're trapped in a cubicle. You move papers. You move numbers. Click. Click. Click.

This is your life now.

Do you want to break free? Do you want to get out of the office and into the wild? That's what Instructables member johntonta did. He used business suits, desks, and computers to build a kayak, which he then took out on the open water.

He used a skin-on-frame method with the suits as the skin. Building a kayak is not a simple task, but you are up to the challenge. Strip down, go to the office supply room, and get to work building the craft that will take you to your new life.

(Video Link)

You may have to get a few suits from your co-workers.

-via Make

Finally! Cup Holders for Umbrellas

(Photo: Morella)

British designers Andrew Tan, Ross Malcolm and Jordan Schlipf invented the Morella, a cup holder for umbrellas. It pivots, so that as you turn the umbrella up or down, the drinks stay stable and won't spill. They've designed two models, one to carry just one drink and the other to carry two drinks.

Malcolm came up for the idea while standing in the rain outside of a pub. He held a drink in one hand and an umbrella in the other. There had to be a better way to manage the task. So he got together with other designers and made cardboard models.

They hope to eventually sell the single model for $8-17 and the double from $13-20.

-via Inventor Spot

One at a Time

(YouTube link)

I believe I countered thirteen dogs here. But these aren’t your average dogs. At mealtime, they sit patiently and wait for their name to be called before coming to eat dinner. That’s some kind of self-control for a hungry dog! They are completely obedient to their alpha, the woman who calls their names. An they are rewarded with a calm and hearty meal in their very own dish. That’s a good dog. -via Arbroath

Adventure Time Hambo Plush

While wandering through the ruins of a city destroyed during the Mushroom War, Simon Petrikov discovered a stuffed animal. He gave it to his young ward, the vampire Marceline. She named it Hambo.

Marceline lived on for centuries, long after Simon had descended into madness. Hambo remained Marceline's most precious possession. It was a fragment of innocence from a childhood largely bereft of it.

Alyson Bates made this plush replica of Hambo. It rests next to a replica of Marceline's ax bass.

Amazingly Realistic Knitted Botanical Artworks

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden isn't just a great place to find real beautiful plants, it also features fantastic craft versions of real botanical specimens -or at least it does now thanks to the Knit, Purl, Sow exhibit. 

The show features 21 artworks by three different crafty artists, including Rhode Island artist Tatyana Yanishevsky, New York–based Australian artist Ruth Marshall, and textile artist Santiago Venegas. Unfortunately, it's only scheduled to last until the 22, so if you live in New York and want to see the show, you'd better get out there this weekend.

Via Laughing Squid

Amish Ice Harvesting

(Photo: John Hart/Wisconsin State Journal)

This sled-mounted power saw cuts through thick ice on the lakes of Wisconsin. Lynn Miller of the town of Markesan uses it to harvest blocks of ice, which he keeps in an insulated icehouse. It’s a popular practice among the Amish communities in the area. If properly maintained, an icehouse can keep ice solid for 2 years. Barry Adams writes in the Wisconsin State Journal:

The 1,500 blocks cut Saturday will be used to keep food cold year-round and helps make ice cream in the summer. A few blocks in a deep freeze box, which sometimes are old, non-working chest freezers, can last four to five days. There is no central ice warehouse. Instead, each Amish family has its own icehouse that can hold 200 to 250 blocks of ice. Built with well-insulated walls more than a foot thick, ice has been known to keep for two or even three years in an icehouse.

Saturday’s event, just over an hour drive north from Madison, was one of more than a dozen ice harvests that have been or will be held this winter in this Amish enclave that speaks Pennsylvania Dutch and includes the communities of Kingston, Dalton and Manchester.

“It’s interesting to watch it,” said Edna Eicher, 64, whose son, Amos Eicher Jr., owns the 12-foot-deep pond. “No matter how warm the summer is, we have ice. We’ve thrown 2-year-old ice out.”

You can view a slideshow of photos demonstrating the process here.


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