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As a firearms enthusiast, I hate these "commando-type" gunslingers. Too much testosterone, not enough brains. Unfortunately, they are being influenced by youtubers like FPS Russia.
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This concept is the same type of probability that governs the "Monty Hall" problem of which door to choose on Let's Make a Deal:
Monty Hall Problem

If you are shown a "wrong" door and are given the chance to switch before the final reveal, it is in your interest to do so as the probability of winning is higher. Seems counter-intuitive, but the math proves it.
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Among many great stories of children sticking things up their noses at reddit, this comment stands out:

When my son was 3 we were leaving a campground. Suddenly from his chair in the back seat he starts yelling "Agggh!...waisin! waisin!" while swatting the right side of his nose. My wife takes a peek and sure enough, a huge raisin is jammed up there. I turn the car around and start bee lining to the next town where we could get a doctor, or tweezers, or chopsticks, or something. On the way my wife is trying to get him to blow his nose. "Hold the tissue over your nose and breath out as hard as you can! Like this..!" He tries a few times when ploot, out of the other nostril flies a pumpkin seed.
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in the 80's i worked at a little health food store in baltimore that had mostly bulk stock in small lidded barrels. one thing baltimore has PLENTY of is rats. regulations required regular spraying of poison around the basically open bins of food, not something the owner or the customers wanted. solution: owner just gave the spray guy a small bribe every month to insure the paperwork said the crap had been applied to satisfy the inspector. kept a cat there to do the actual work, never saw rats or mice. our law abiding neighbors were constantly battling the little furry buggers cause they eat poison for breakfast with a smile. but rats can't develop an immunity to being disembowelled by a huge predator.
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When you have a lot of food stored, you're going to have one of three things:
1. mice and rats
2. lots of pesticide
3. a cat
I think I prefer the cat. Of course I do, I have four of them. And no rats.
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