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Such a thing does exist and is used in archiving. I was surprised that they were using needles but maybe I am just not an expert. Though I did cringe when he started the record and dropped the needle on while it was spinning. I was taught to drop then start but maybe I am also wrong again. Shrug.
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We ended up adopting a dog with the same name as mine when I was in high school.

I once got very excited to have received mail with my name on it, as I didn't receive much mail at the time. Much to my disappointment I found out I was due for my rabies and distemper vaccinations.
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I've been a fan of Pi since first seeing it years ago. Unfortunately, I've noticed the versions I've found on streaming seem to be missing a few little bits and pieces, a line here, a shot there. While we're speaking of simply seconds of the movie that are missing, it changes the whole dynamics of some scenes. Thus this changes the feel of the film.
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I've always had great service from Apple. It's one of the main reasons I prefer their products. The employees listen and are there to help you as well as fix your problem ASAP and correctly.

On the other end of the spectrum, I always had awful support with Dell and even calling from a business with service contracts. The worst was the time I spent four hours talking to three different techs trying to convince them they had a mistake on THEIR END. They mis -matched a product with a replacement part, wrong size for an all in one monitor and pc stand, and they claimed they couldn't just send me a new monitor just the same wrong sized AIO part that the pc wouldn't fit into. Never managed to get the correct part.
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Had a similiar experience in Japan. My husband and I are American (caucasian) do not speak Japanese, but were traveling with two people who spoke Japanese but are American, not of asian decent.) All four of us were looking at a resturaunt menu sign outside, figured out the food sounded good and decided to go in and order. All of us pretty much knew what we wanted and we had two people who were fluent enough to order dinner. The waitress was insistent that we needed an English menu because none of us were Japanese. Our friends were a little offended because she didn't want to listen to them telling her we were fine without it. This was the one and only time anyone was even somewhat rude about it though.
Typically the waitstaff, and everyone else for that matter, were very helpful and accomodating even when we didn't have our Japanese speaking friends with us. After all, it's not too difficult to point at what you what you want politely, nod and say "hi" with a smile.
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Fruit and pepper is suprisingly good. Have you ever had something like carmelized pears with blue cheese and pepper caramel sauce? (recipie from America's Test Kitchen) I wasn't sure about it until I made it but it's seriosly tasty.
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After the winter we've been having in the Chicago area, I'm seriously contemplating moving to warmer climes! Things wouldn't be so bad, but I have to go out and drive around for my job...brrrrrr! At this rate my irrational fear is: wearing so many layers that when I fall down I can't get up ala Ralphie's brother in "A Christmas Story" and no one will find me in all the snow.
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