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I wonder if part of that creativity response might be due to the visual stimulus of clutter as randomly occurring shapes and angles, as opposed to the expected squared-off look of a tidy office.
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I can't imagine a program of this magnitude being approved today. Not only would the Party of No actively work to defeat it, programs like this help average Americans instead of those poor, needy corporations. At what point did the stock market begin to be the only picture of the financial health of a nation?
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Six Feet Under's finale was absolutely perfect. [SPOILER-ISH, I think:] It was very sweet and poignant, a flash-forward (interspersed with scenes of the youngest daughter's driving to college to start her own life) to how each of the characters meets their eventual demise. That was such a well-crafted show. I'm gonna have to watch it again..
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That was indeed some fine editing! They actually kept the rhythm going with it. Seen too many bad edits by people attempting this sort of thing by just chaining the words together.
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I'm American, and I don't get it either. It appears to be a series of meetings followed by people trying to knock each other down. And a weirdly-shaped brown ball plays some role in it.
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Definitely both of those things. If anybody wants proof of my 20-something stupidty, they'll have to come over to my house and ask me to pull out a bunch of paper-based media called "photo albums." That's too much work for today's snowflakes. Heh.
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I think the best container for foods like this would be similar to a toothpaste tube. Squeeze it out where you want it, slap down the bread. No need to dirty up the cutlery at all.
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