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I'm guessing a lot of this gunshot victims will be gangbangers who probably are hopped up on any variety of illegal drugs when they're brought in rather than healthy people who aren't on drugs. That's going to skew the results, but the article didn't mention how they're controlling for that. What if they end up with results that show "this only works if you're really high on meth" or something?
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Yes, that does strike me as extremely odd. Flea markets are places where people sell their crafts and chipped dishes get a second chance at life. They are not places where items have a $13,000 price tag. I don't think he bought it at a flea market, and he's covering up the real source.
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And before some millenial comes in here and makes the mistake: parachute pants were not baggy MC Hammer pants. They were skintight, had numerous zippers and were made of silk/nylon parachute cloth.
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I live in a rural area that's about 20 minutes drive from a town of 200,000 people. We don't have cable tv or DSL here, and our ISP choices are limited to AOL dialup, Clearwire from a cellphone tower or Dishnet. The internet is not just a toy anymore. It's as crucial to commerce as an interstate roadway, but damned if we can get anybody to finance it here.
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I challenge all over-40 people to start posting duckface selfies as much as possible. This should kill the hipness of it as quickly as it using goofy slang does. [I personally killed "Off the chain!" in my workplace by using it less than five times around youngsters. It felt good.]
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This. And I think most men don't quite realize that becoming a victim of rape is something women worry about a lot because women are the ones who get victimized. Ask a guy what he does to prevent being raped, and he'll say "Uh...stay out of prison?" Ask a female the same question, and she'll come up with a much, much longer list of things.
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I'm affected in two ways by the shutdown: as a VA workstudy, I'm locked out of the office so I can't earn money (half my income) or put hundreds of veterans' paperwork in order for them to complete college degrees and/or job training. I'm also a participant in the VA's Voc Rehab program, so if the shutdown lasts through the end of October, I get no stipend (the other half of my income) and my program may come to a halt.

A government shutdown doesn't hit everyone immediately, but it if stretches out, you'll feel a hit at some point. Sort of a trickle down thing.
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