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One tidbit: Note that in the Miss America comic's top-right panel, The Statue of Liberty is on Bedloe's Island. The name of the island wasn't changed to Liberty Island until 1956. Also, it's crazy that it took only about an hour to travel to The Statue of Liberty and back, at least in the comic books. I've been there a few times, and it takes a minimum of 3 hours, between waiting and travel times.
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This list should be called, "Random films that take place in these states". Why these movies? It seems like half are totally on the nose (Rocky for PA), while half have me scratching my head (Three Faces West for ND). There was no rhyme or reason behind the choices.
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And some cleaning lady has to wash off what looks like permanent ink from all those surfaces. This guy isn't witty. He's just another a*hole.
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I remember seeing this news clip being replayed on a couple different shows, like That's Incredible and other comedy clip shows. I was amazed as a little kid at his gifts. He should really get into a rap battle with Eminem.
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I was city hall mailroom clerk in a small midwestern city. About 90% of my job was signing for packages from animal control. They were almost always rabies specimens, which included dead bats, or the heads of dogs or cats. The specimins always in a cardboard box, but there were stickers on the outside saying, "Rabies - danger blah blah", and what animal. There was a small dorm fridge that I got to place these in until someone would stop by with a cooler for pickup. (Sidenote: I managed to get fired from this job on 9/12/2001 for showing up late twice. I joined the air force the same day.)
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I was a sophomore in 1992, taking a midterm test in my American History class. For extra credit, we were told to name the presidents, from Washington to Polk. Next to the pencil sharpener: a poster with all 42 (at the time) presidents. I sharpened my pencil like 4 times during that test. Terrible luck with breaking my lead. Sadly, the poster was taken down shortly after (I was probably too obvious), and I was forced to memorize the presidents from Washington to GRANT for the final. I still remember the mnemonic device I used for those presidents.
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Let it happen. While Watchmen (according to many) is the best comic book series or mini-series ever printed, a movie-version of a prequel will not ruin the actual product. The television mini-series "Scarlet", a sequel to Gone With The Wind, did not ruin the original. The film version of A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen did not ruin my reading of the comics (or their much older character sources). A prequel to Watchmen will not ruin the original comics.
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