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No one's ever gone for four weeks? I live in the UK and started this year with 44 days leave to take. I'm every year I roll leave over to the next year as I've no great need to take it.
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When I originally read the title I had hoped this was something I've been eyeing for ages, making a laminar sheet of their own skin invitro and turning it into a rug (well, in my case a leather jacket). But when I clapped eyes on the disappointing effort which was produced, it just looks like a sex doll that someone had flattened out.
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It seems a shame that while so many people are berating the pranksters who change roadsigns, no one is saying "kick a ginger day" which is a direct threat to people to be in any way contentious. No, I'm not a redhead, but given how so many have been teased and bullied unmercilessly as children, just due to their hair colour, I find it distasteful that anyone would be so retarded as to promote it as adults.
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