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No, not blowing it out of proportion for the sake of it, I just don't understand why he had to comment at all. If people want to read the posting of the article as an endorsement of left-wing politics then they will, regardless of disclaimers.

I think John distancing himself from it only made it stick out more that this could be viewed as partisan and - whether the case or not - made it seem like he would disagree with it. Therefore fail, John. (I love how you bring in things I never mentioned, like people being immoral - way to go politico)

Would've been fine if you'd just posted the darn thing.
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@John. But why mention any political position? I don't care if you're a liberal, but I don't understand why you'd say you weren't one as some pre-emptive strike.

Progressives move things forward and change things (for good or bad) and conservatives want things to stay the same or move backwards in line with tradition. If you aren't conservative or progressive, what are you? Frozen in time?

Boring fail.
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John wrote: "I’m neither liberal or progressive, but I think that he’s right."

lol - WTF? First, why say what you aren't instead of just saying "I'm conservative" or whatever you identify as. Second, why does it matter what you are to recognize what is in front of you? I'm not a communist but I know Stalin was.

Too dim, man.
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@alanna: sorry, that's not true. i searched and searched an could only find this

why do people make up nonsense??
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Dave, you either haven't read the previous posts or didn't understand them or chose to ignore the arguments put forth.

I see from your blog that you're Christian. How, then, can you not see that offering prayer is the same as announcing that you have religious views? You have the right to believe whatever you want but no-one has the right (particularly in a professional setting where the rules are clear and you've been complained about before) to bring religion up where it's not appropriate and may not be wanted. No-one cares that she is Baptist, they care that she has repeatedly engaged in religious activities - or offered such - and that could be offensive to patients. Remember, it's not about her views on the matter, it's about her patients.

If you can't see the potential "harm or foul" in her actions then you are intolerant and insular in your thinking. Atheists may not be in the majority, but we have rights too.
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@Hans_von_wolfensteinn: what you fail to realise is that for many of us the difference between God and a Magical Troll is simply the number of people who believe in him/her/it.

That's not offensive; it's logical and reasoned. If it diminishes God, that's just your interpretation. Atheists have to treat all imaginary beings the same, or else we'd be hypocrites.

Saying something like "all Christians are evil" or "atheists are perverts" would be offensive. Get some perspective. Remember that virtually every major religion oppresses some group - blacks, gays, women, atheists - either actively or passively. In the grand scheme of things, religious groups have done far more harm than any concerted atheistic effort ever has.
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@Con: bravo

@Cori: I'd rather political bullsh!t rather than the religious kind

@timcat: spiritual considerations should be made, but I doubt you were ever taught to offer to say Mass for a patient? Thought not.

@D Bozko: way to go bashing Con for being professional

@Amy A: I love how you preach respect and then make a dig at single parents. Classy.

@Marcus: if you were ever in my care and asked for a prayer, I'd gladly call someone who was comfortable doing it with you. However, I'd never presume to project my beliefs on you. Deal?


I think a lot of you are missing the point. If you have a problem with the policies of her employers, then address that. She KNEW the rules and broke them. At least twice. I'm a doctor and an atheist and I can't turn up for work dressed as Captain Kirk, even if I think it's appropriate, because I know it's against the rules.

I reckon most people would be indifferent to her offer or would think it was nice, most would not be upset. But that isn't the point - some people would be uncomfortable. One man's meat is another man's poison. How would you Christians feel if I was about to operate on you and just before you went under anaesthetic I whispered "By the way, would you like me to offer a little incantation to Satan on your behalf? I believe that he'll help you through this" I'm sure most of you would (quite understandably) find it upsetting. We all have different opinions of religion, some of them negative, which is why it should be kept private in a professional setting.

She HAS NOT been fired and no-one is asking for her to be fired. They're investigating the complaint, which is appropriate. All of you religious people who feel threatened by this should relax a little and wake up to the fact that atheists are not trying to ban religion - we're just asking that people don't shove it in our faces.
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