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It drives me nuts when you see parents just totally ignoring their children as the children run, scream, destroy displays, jump on beds and other furniture, run at full speed into you and basically make life hell for fellow shoppers at the mall. How do they justify this lack of consideration for other people when out in public? I do not understand.

I recently saw a little girl just get up on the tables at a fast food joint (outside the USA) in full view of her parents who just totally ignored her as she climbed all over the tables, and, in doing so, disturbed me as I calmly sat nearby minding my own business. When I told the little girl to get down off the tables and go sit down, her parents got angry at ME.

Yup. Moderation is indeed needed in today's world.
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LOL I just KNEW I'd find comments here about how awful the USA is just because a few books get banned at some time or another in some place or another at some point in time or another.

For pete's sake. What is so outrageous about wanting to be sure that schoolkids don't have access to just anything at their school libraries? If they really want to read a book that has been banned, they can get it at the local library, or, hey, what a crazy idea, ask their parents to buy it for them. Nothing that gets banned ever goes unread.

In fact, I don't think a few parents wanting to protect their children is such a bad thing. Why not take this as an opportunity to say that American parents look out for their children?

No, of course, commenters here are, for the most part, going to use this type of post to bash America.

Haters gonna hate.

As for linking book-burning to simple book-banning, wow, you are really going a little far. Americans aren't known for burning books much. When was the last time you saw a community burn books? Duh.

There is nothing inherently wrong with Christian parents worrying about their children reading books that bash Xtianity.

Again, just another excuse by commenters here to bash Xtians.

I'm sure atheist parents adore seeing their children read books that are pro-religion.

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Don't know why people try insulting Americans over fast food. Every country I've ever visited has fast food of some kind, even if it's not national chains of them.

Many people I know have found themselves in far away places, unable to stomach the local food (food poisoning, etc) and have seen a McDonald's and known they had found at least one meal they would eat with no worry.

Heck, even the Romans loved fast food. We didn't invent it.

As for fat Americans, well, why does that bother YOU, someone who is not American and, I suppose, not fat? It's our problem. And if you think being fat makes you somehow inferior, I'd like to hear your reasoning as to why that is so.
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