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Mitch, it sounds like you are still grieving. May I suggest going to a support group rather than taking it out on a man who wrote a throwaway line in a post that was meant to be fun and interesting?

As humans, our vices are many. There are killjoys for drinking alcohol, eating sweets, watching TV, sex, and so much more. While knowledge certainly is a wonderful thing, can't we just sit back and enjoy something (including a Neatorama post) while we meander through this thing called "life"?
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What he's saying is that the beams didn't need to fully melt or liquify, they just needed to be hot enough to become structurally unstable and the tower would collapse under its own weight.
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Punishment is for the living, graves are for the relatives. This is not only cruel to the families, it is also wrong outright. As you cannot bring the dead to justice, you should not be able to punish the dead even more. Form of barbarism.
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You would if the only way you could ever have toast in your entire life was if you held a piece of bread over an open fire. Not only would your hand get burned. Not only would the toast end up tasting like smoke. But you'd have to dowse the fire at night before the wild beasts would notice its light and sneak up to devour another of your siblings, usually the youngest.
Life was hard back in the days before electric toasters, young'un.
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Doubly annoying... First the vertical video, then that lady's incredibly irritating voice that just goes on non-stop through the whole thing.
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When I see clips like this, I hear the voice of my high school football coach saying, "KEEP PLAYING UNTIL YOU HEAR THE WHISTLE BLOW!"

His is one of a number of voices I hear. Perhaps I need to talk to someone about that.
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