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Eddie, it is so great to have you back again writing your wonderful articles for Neatorama! The 9-11 story concerning MacFarlane is incredible. He must feel so fortunate, can you imagine? I personally think he is a very funny guy and extremely talented.
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Eddie, you captured so many interesting facets of Clay/Ali's life. He was such a great champion. Indeed, "the Greatest.". How sad that such a strong and vital man should be strickened by Parkinson's disease.
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Amazing that with all of Sinatra's incredible line of hit recordings, "Something Stupid" was only his second gold record. Just unbelievable. Also, I agree with you, Eddie, the magic of that song was in the innocence of the father and daughter duet. Great article and photos. Love your writings always, Eddie.
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On a day I am saddened by the pro-ObamaCare ruling, it was wonderful to come here and see an article written by my favorite Neatorama writer, Eddie Deezen! Love Hitchcock's work and Psycho was just amazing. I still take showers with the door locked to this day because of that movie.
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Fantastic stuff, as always Eddie! Love the photos too. When I was just a little girl, my father took our family to a baseball game at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh. My brother and I got as close to the field as we could to get autographs. My day was made when my favorite player, Matty Alou, graciously came over and gave us his autograph. Happiness belonged to me. Keep up the great work, Eddie! My husband and I love your articles!
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Very poignant and thoughtful article, Eddie. I adored Lucy and still watch the reruns of "I Love Lucy" in the mornings. It never gets old to me. The photo you posted of Lucy and Desi is fabulous! What a great pair they were.
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One of the most interesting articles I have ever read on Curly(and the 3 Stooges). Loved the photos too. Eddie, I enjoy all of your articles, but this one was especially tops! Thanks for sharing.
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Loved the movie. Loved Marilyn. Didn't know many of those "behind the scenes" facts, Eddie. Very good read, as we have come to expect this from your wonderful writings.
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"I'm going to live to be 100...".

What is that old adage, "Man plans...God laughs." How sad though, that this man was such a health-nut and still passed away relatively young. Great, great article, Eddie. I love your writing and always look forward to your pieces here.
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Eddie, your comedic style is very much akin to that of Jerry Lewis, and in my opinion you are just as funny. I did enjoy Lewis' THE NUTTY PROFESSOR. Was not aware of many of those trivia facts and enjoyed the new info. alot.
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Despite his flaws, I always loved his movies with Dean Martin and found Jerry to be a very funny comedian.
All interesting facts, Eddie. Thanks for another great article!
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I never grow weary of the magical charm of PEANUTS. Even in my middle age, I still buy the Peanuts daily calendar every year. My favorite character is Snoopy, 2nd Charlie Brown, so I guess I fall into the norm. Great article, Eddie! Thanks for kick-starting my day off to a happy beginning.
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