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As a gay-loving feminist, I can't but support the many complaints lobbed at Jerry over the years. I grew up being creeped out by his humor, sappy acting, and those damn telethons. That said, he's a brilliant and complex individual; his very early stuff with Dean Martin was hilarious, and I personally think Buddy Love is one of the most chilling characters invented. He was flawless as the overbearing comedy-legend dad in Funny Bones, a role which seemed awfully self-aware. (Great movie, Lee Evans is amazing.)
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I watched this with bafflement until I saw that it was a kosher thing. Man, I'm glad I don't have to work so hard to get a meal. Yes, bugs and microbes are all over us, in us, everywhere... no sense freaking out.

I once went to a taco place with someone who refused to eat the food, citing a bug she'd found in her meal once. All she would have was a Snapple, which was colored with carmine. I told her what that is after she drank it.
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Great. Yet another sign of the apocalypse. I'm praying for a sudden, massive, sped-up plate tectonics surge which swallows us all and starts the life process on Earth all over again. Microbes are more rational than we are.
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A sequel, after all this time? If Keaton is in it, absolutely. I may be the only person who really enjoyed his take on Batman, but that's neither here nor there... Keaton as Beetlejuice is flawless. Random: If you want to see him very annoyingly rehash the role, sort of, check him out as Constable Dogberry in 1993's Much Ado About Nothing. What a weird mash of actors that contained... Kenneth Branagh, lovely... Emma Thompson, excellent... whoa, a post-pubescent Kate Besingale? Ew, KEANU REEVES? Not to mention the always overrated Denzel Washington. There are tons of underused black actors out there who aren't made of cardboard.
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