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I once worked in a programming office with an old-timer who was French Canadian. He would gesture with the hand holding his coffee-cup. Very enthusiastically. It was a standing joke to always leave a high-tide area around ol' Marc. Then he'd calm down and mumble about he never gets to drink much coffee, and go for another cup.
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One word we're hearing more often is 'Indigenous', which is a term from biology, meaning 'found naturally in the particular geographic location'. But it's being used to cover 'Indian' in Canada, and it works for 'Eskimo' as well. And on the evening news, when you hear it about 'black' people in Africa. Useful or not?
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I hope they were really sure that he was, in fact, deceased. I can see this as being part of a terrible situation comedy. Maybe call it Murphy's Law.
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Let us not forget The Population Explosion, which is a one-way trip to hell. Asimov's essays, written in the '60s and '70s, outlined just how much time we have before the entire Earth is shoulder-to-shoulder with starving, dying people all demanding equal rights.
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Wow... I wish I'd known this years ago. But beware - if you make the tea twice in a row, you are volunteering to become the tea-making doormat.
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Yeah... get a seat on the subway at the peak of rush hour, then decide if there's maybe just too many people around. Or maybe we're just not good at applying our activity in an efficient fashion?Naw - it's just too many bodies
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Have a look at 'The Moon is a Harsh Mistress', by Robert A. Heinlein. Practically a manual on how to make a living world out of Luna. And a hell of a good story, as well!
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And don't forget, the water doesn't just disappear - it returns as rain, which makes its way back to the ocean. And it can do amazing damage while returning, not mention supporting crops and, well, life in general.
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