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I twist two double stuffed cookies (which is not actually double the filling, but some close percentage) apart and then stick the two sides with the cream together. Eat the single cookies first and then the quad stuffed cookies last.
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Before I read the answer, my guess if Julius killed Big Daddy. Julius was keeping everyone's glass full of tea. Everyone's except for Big Daddy's. I assume he was either keeping the poison concentrated or just keeping the glass low so that he wouldn't drink it by mistake. *Edit* Wow I did not see that coming, but after rereading it, that makes sense. ;) Not going to give it away, but I am wrong.
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Here in Florida children are only allowed to be held back one year. It is part of the "no child left behind act". Reason being that they will be much larger than the other children, may get teased and/or frustrated and drop out early.
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At my sons middle school orientation (6th - 8th grades) a few weeks back they were selling school t-shirts. The sizes were S, M, L, XL, XXL. Adult sizing. Many 6th graders (other grades too but this shocked me) needed XXXL shirts that had to be special ordered. Just the same there were several XS being ordered. It made me sad that so many very young children were so large.
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I am going to post this before reading the answer as my official guess. The older son, Jason said "So, what happened? Someone broke in with a poker and stabbed him to death?". That's an odd thing to say about being murdered with a fireplace poker. One, non-murderous person, might assume that the father was bludgeoned to death with said poker, because of them being so sturdy, but not stabbed due to their normally blunt nature. However, all the children were a little to calm to just find out that their father was murdered. I think Gary and Jennifer are cleared of the murder, but not of being money grubbing brats.
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I can't think of one problem with sitting on a bench made from sharp rusty metal and twisted license plates... oh wait tetanus! Yeah, there is that one thing...
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You know what else reduces the the risk of heterosexual HIV, HPV, herpes and other infectious genital ulcers?!?! Not being a male whore, wearing a condom, proper hygiene and not sleeping with multiple and/or dirty women. Seriously, I am ashamed to be a member of the health care community right now. You don't cut things off newborn females and you shouldn't cut anything off newborn males. We are made that way for a reason.
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IT'S A TRAP!!! DON'T OPEN IT!!! My super powers tell me it's possessed toilet paper and zombie moths. Once you open it you and everyone in the office is finished. And I will miss all your witty humor. :( Destroy it with fire. Save yourself. LOL.

Zombies Make Better Boyfriend 2x in Military Green Please

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Only the original "classic" Ivory soap bars do that. Afterwards they crush up into a powder great for washing clothes in a pinch. It's hard to get the soap scent/taste out of the air though.
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Aug 5th, 2010 at 10:26 am

It's a Knight's cod piece. Because everyone should be able to pee without fear. Of course it's the super ultra rare model. ;)

~*~Forgot to put shirt request:

Idiot Proof XL
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Just another reason to hope and pray your co-workers shower every morning ... *SNIFF SNIFF* "What's that smell? Why does the office smell like hot tuna and sour milk?" "Oh that!?! That's just the boss' new secretary. It gets worse after lunch."
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We had a dog here in Fl, at a home I had to do my rotations at for nursing school, who would do the same thing. Some of the residence would joke about how they didnt want him to visit them at all but the one that were about to pass generally were so sick they didnt seem to notice or care he was there. There were 3 residence who had been "out of it" for days and yet when the dog jumped up on their bed, they stroked his head until thier last breath. I guess this all makes sense though with dogs who can sniff cancer and sense seizures, why not dogs who can sense death?
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