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Beagles See Daylight for the First Time After Rescue from Test Lab

YouTube link 

Back in 2011, Miss Cellania first introduced Neatorama readers to the Beagle Freedom Project. The nonprofit organization in Valley Village, California rescues beagles used in experiments in research laboratories and gives them a chance to escape their grim life permanently locked inside laboratory cages. A spokesperson for the rescue organization explained that beagles are often bred for research due to the friendly, adaptable nature of the breed.

This video shows nine beagles rescued from a Nevada research laboratory who have never been outdoors, seen the sun or smelled fresh air. As they are released into a large, grassy back yard, their initial trepidation soon turns to jubilance in this uplifting footage.

Learn more about the Beagle Freedom Project at their website. 

Impromptu Jam

(YouTube link)

A busker outside a Kroger store in Dallas is joined by a passerby -and then another, leading to a nice jam session on the sidewalk. These guys may not know each other, but they know what they’re doing! Don’t you wish you could randomly come across a scene like this in real life every once in a while? The video was originally recorded and posted on Facebook by Jaime Tatos Maldonado.  -via reddit

She is Every Disney Princess -and Villain, Too!

(video link)

Angela Bonser did not learn how to sew until she had a daughter. Then she had two daughters and the family moved to California, close enough to visit Disneyland. Bosner started making elaborate Disney costumes for her younger daughter, Haylie, to wear to the park. She made quite a splash! Read more of  Angela Bonser’s story at the Flickr blog. See even more pictures at My Modern Met.  -via mental_floss

Three-year-old Dancer

(YouTube link)

Zhang Junhao is three years  old. He is probably the youngest contestant you’ve ever seen in a TV talent show. On the show Awesome Chinese, he comes out on stage with his own sound system that’s as big as he is, and gives the remote control to a judge. The judge messes with him by constantly changing the song played, but this little trouper is not rattled in the least! His dancing is pretty good, for a 3-year-old, but his real talent is his stage presence. Be sure to stay for his Q&A after the performance, when he grabs your heart right there at your computer desk. -via Time Newsfeed   

Happy Birthday Grumpy Cat!

The little cat we know as Grumpy Cat (formerly Tardar Sauce) became an internet sensation suddenly on September 23, 2012. She was barely out of kittenhood at the time, but her facial expression made her appear to have an attitude problem. Since then, she’s been on everything from TV to coffee cups, and her fame is in no danger of fading. She turned two years old today.

Grumpy Cat celebrated her birthday with a visit to the mental_floss office, where she charmed everyone with her dainty moves that belie her permanent frown. She is the official spokescat for Friskies, and was promoting her company-sponsored birthday celebration taking place later this month.

(Image credit: Erin McCarthy)

Map: Areas within a Texas-Length Distance from Texas

Texas was once an independent nation. After the United States initially rejected our generous offer of admission into the union, we considered remaining independent permanently. Many of us considered expanding westward, all the way into what would become California. What would a Greater Texas have looked like then?

Probably not quite as big as this map created by redditor Armeleon. At its greatest width, Texas is 791 miles across. So Armeleon created this map of all land within 791 miles of the borders of Texas.

-via 22 Words

Baby on Board

What do you think of first when you see those "Baby on Board" sign on the car in front of you? Mother-in-Law in Trunk? Or the Baby On Board song from The Simpsons?

Well, perhaps this image will be the basis of your new thought. Technically, it's correct (yes, it uses a baby doll - because planking a real child would be illegal, not to mention cruel).

A New Geep in Ireland

The Irish Farmers Journal reports on a strange baby born on Paddy Murphy’s farm. New lambs were being born, but one looks like a goat. The goat-sheep cross, or “geep” is a week old and already showing nubs where his horns will grow.

(YouTube link)

The lamb-kid may look like a goat, but his mother loves him. According to Wikipedia, such hybrids happen, but are usually stillborn. Sheep have 54 chromosomes and goats have 60. In the few rare cases of surviving crosses, the hybrid had 57 chromosomes. No doubt scientists will want to take a look at Paddy Murphy’s new geep. -via Metafilter

Willie Is Better Than Your Cat

(YouTube link)

How many times have you seen a video of a cat unrolling the toilet paper roll? Many. How many times have you seen a cat re-roll the toilet paper after he’s unrolled it? This may be a first. Michael Thompson‘s cat Willie unrolled all the paper, then re-rolled it back again! Maybe he just didn’t like the way the roll was loaded. Now it’s just the way he wants. -via Say OMG

Swan Song by PES

(YouTube link)

Stop-motion artist PES made an ad for the new citizenM Hotel in New York. These towel swans are just lovely, swimming around on the bed, don't you think? -via Boing Boing  

See more clever animations by PES.

Simon’s Cat in Crazy Time

(YouTube link)

One of the side effects of a cat’s lifestyle of sleeping 20 hours a day is that all the normal energy produced by expensive, nutritionally-balanced cat food builds up. In humans, this buildup is called “middle-age spread.” In cats, it reaches the bursting point eventually. That is most likely to happen at 3 AM, when humans are awakened by crashing, falling, and piano-playing sounds. In this animation from Simon Tofield, Simon’s Cat demonstrates such an event during the day so we can see it better. The episode plays itself out in frantic rushing from one place to another as the cat tries to figure out what it really wants to do. Having made no concrete decision, with the expelled energy dissipated, the cat then returns to normal equilibrium. -via Tastefully Offensive

Street Typography

(YouTube link)

These road workers in London, England, lay out the letters in a matter-of-fact way with perfect results. We on the internet rarely get to see such road painting unless something is misspelled or the line goes over a dead animal. A commenter at Metafilter said, “It's amazing what you can do with a straightedge, a steady hand, and some practice.” And tyhe painter even does it with style!

The Happy Trombone Loop

(YouTube link)

Christopher Bill, a 21-year-old student at the Purchase Conservatory of Music, not only performs Pharrell William’s “Happy,” but also demonstrates the magic of looping by computer. He goes from a simple beat to sounding like a full orchestra in no time at all! If you enjoy this, there’s a ton of other Christopher Bill videos, including trombone lessons. -via reddit

Photographer Captures The Strange World Of Creative Dog Grooming

The world of creative dog grooming revolves around color usage, contour shapes, and other design principles that feel right at home in print but are hard to imagine seeing on your pet.

Paul Nathan is a fashion photographer who was captivated by the strange beauty of creatively groomed canines, specifically those who compete in a national competition called Intergroom, so he put his pretty pictures of dogs looking rather ridiculous into a book appropriately entitled Groomed.

Dogs that have undergone a creative grooming makeover look fine on stage with the other colorful contestants, but they would look completely ridiculous walking around the neighborhood!

-Via Beautiful/Decay

This Elevator Is a Pneumatic Tube That Shoots You Through Your Home

(Photo: Dayton Elevator)

The company that manufactures it, however, would like to stress that it moves slowly and lacks the speed of a pneumatic tube at a drive-through bank or pharmacy. And the company emphasizes this issue as though it is a selling point rather than a disadvantage. Shoot, aside from the inevitable head injuries and broken bones, that sounds like a lot of fun!

Dayton Elevator makes elevators, wheelchair lifts, and stairlifts. Their elevators operate through pneumatic pressure rather than pulleys and weights. The company says that, as a result, they're easier to install than conventional elevators. They also make any home look like the set of a 70s era science fiction show.

-via Dornob

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