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These #s are BS.

We probably aren't as high up as we used to be, but realistically we're in the top 6.

Anyone who's been to Italy knows instinctively these stats are wrong.

Japan? -Yes. They definitely work more hours per capita than we do.
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We still have community property laws from the 15th century that treat women as potential indigents once removed from their original families.

That, and Alimony, Palimony, and unreasonable, unproved, unpoliced Child-Support has got to end.

Men no longer "take possession" of the woman from her family and receive a dowry for the burden.

A woman is no longer a social indigent without a husband or family or origin.

She can vote,
be educated,
own financial instruments and property,
can be considered equally in a court of law,
graduate college
and in greater numbers than men,
and [at least for now in the 20-something age bracket in NYC] also earn more than a man.

Remove the kleptocratic temptations peddled by unscrupulous lawyers who encourage unethical behavior based on emotional upset.

Not surprised people don't want to get or stay married. -Especially men.
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::7th-grade-level comment about the lassie in the photo incl. terrible pseudo-joke/innuendo to be followed up by next commenter declaiming, "That's what she said!"::
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@AMG: Thanks Mom! I am so happy to be gorgeous and awesome! :D

However, I fear I am just not smart enough to fight off all zee laydeez who, contrary to female sub-culture's rules, seem to attack me at every minute.

It is really hard to dodge flying cheerleaders like that. Even 95 pounds can pack some momentum at 35mph.

And once they get near you, they start clawing and tearing things off you!! So far, I've only lost clothes.
Okay, AND one earlobe, but that's it.

What is a sexy genius to do?

So far, I just stay inside w/gf and play Sudoku on "Evil"-difficulty, but I fear the rampaging whores hordes will one day breach the outer defenses.

I guess I should fuel up the helo & refit the mountain fortress on Piz Gloria. Hopefully, The Mighty Eiger will keep them at bay.

... But you never know, those Swiss bitches are crafty;
and sporty.
(not the ones from entire villages afflicted with Cretinism due to Iodine-poor soil; those are short, goitered, and dim)

Anyway, Love you! Seeya! +Jen says Hi.
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Also, in lower-income lives, there aren't many other things to besides get drunk and screw; condoms can be a little spendy if you're active, and protected sex does not feel as good as not, hence: many babies.
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