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Easy To Make Jell-O Dragon Balls

Every geek who has watched an episode from the Dragon Ball franchise wonders what it would be like to find a dragon ball and unleash our inner Saiyan.

Sadly, dragon balls don't really exist, so if we want to devour the power of a dragon ball we must make our own, preferably out of Jell-O!

(YouTube Link)

Aggressive Comix shared the full easy to make recipe for orange Jell-O Dragon Balls with cherry stars here, now if you'll excuse me I'm off to buy some ice spheres!

-Via That's Nerdalicious

This Musician Tattoos the Names of Suicide Survivors among His Fans

(Photo: Robb Nash)

Robb Nash is a Canadian rock musician. One day, a young girl handed him a suicide note. She said that she had changed her mind and didn't need it anymore.

So Nash talked to groups of teens, urging them not to make this terrible choice. And so more fans sent in their suicide notes, as well as razor blades and bullets that they had planned to use. Over time, he's received 535 notes from young people who are thinking about suicide.

Nash started tattooing their names on his arm. Now he's got 120 names of suicide survivors on his arm. He tells BuzzFeed:

“I point at my hand and say, ‘Look at my arm. These kids had the same thoughts as you, and they’re still here.’”

-via My Modern Met

Malgorzata Chodakowska's Ethereal Fountains

Malgorzata Chodakowska is a sculptor in Lodz, Poland. She makes enchantingly beautiful fountains shaped like human figures (content warning: artistic nudity). The flow of the water completes the images, making them look alive.

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The Richest Families In Florence Have Remained The Richest For Nearly 600 Years

Old Money families often claim that wealth stays with the wealthy, but we've all seen how quickly the winds of fortune can shift, especially in this age of tech stocks and economic turmoil.

But those Old Money families think this way because it's all they know, and for many of them life without wealth is but a bad dream.

In fact, several families in Florence have managed to hold on tight to their fortunes for nearly 600 years, according to research conducted by Italian economists Guglielmo Barone and Sauro Mocetti.

Using tax records from the 1427 Census of Florence all the way through the 2011 fiscal year Barone and Mocetti discovered the richest families in Florence have had the same surnames for the last 600 years.

This system wouldn't really work in most other cities in the world, but Florencian family surnames are "usually highly regional and tend to pass on linearly", so they're most likely part of the same rich families six centuries later.

Read The Richest Families In Florence In 1427 Are Still The Richest Families In Florence here

Guy Visits Locations From Famous Movies To Show How They Look Now

When real world locations are used as locations in iconic movies they become equally iconic, especially to those who live in the town where movies like Fight Club, Back To The Future and Ghostbusters were filmed.

And thanks to the internet it's easy for fans to find out where these locations are located, with the map apps in their smartphones making locating the locations a snap.

But visiting locations involves leaving the house, which cuts into your movie watching time, so if you really want to see what those iconic film locations look like nowadays you should just follow Phil Grishayev on Instagram.

Phil travels to all kinds of cool places to educate his fellow cinephiles through his photos, revealing earth-shattering facts like the jackhammer scene in Ghostbusters 2 was actually filmed in Los Angeles, or that this iconic shot from Halloween was filmed in Pasadena.

Apparently Phil's travels don't take him much farther than Pomona, even though it seems like he's in New York, Miami or Aurora, Illinois. So if you want to nerd out like Phil just schwing on over to L.A.!

See Guy Visits Locations Of Famous Movies here

Children Name a School Building after Banksy, Banksy Shows Up

(Photo: Jon Kay)

The mysterious British street artist Banksy got his start making graffiti in Bristol, UK in the early 1990s. The kids at Bridge Farm Primary School in Bristol decided to honor their native son by naming one of their new buildings in his honor.

Sometime last night, Banksy sneaked onto campus and painted a mural on the building. It shows a stick figure image of a child, a house, and a flower. The child is playing with a hoop, but the hoop is a burning tire!

That's an appropriate choice for the rebellious Banksy. He left a note for the children explaining himself. Colossal quotes him:

Dear Bridge Farm School, thanks for your letter and naming a house after me. Please have a picture, and if you don’t like it, feel free to add stuff. I’m sure the teachers won’t mind. Remember, it’s always easier to get forgiveness than permission. Much love, Banksy.

-via Marilyn Bellamy

Makeup Effects Pro's Account Causes Controversy On Instagram

Calling an Instagram account “the most controversial” instantly makes people think it's full of nudity, profanity, or horrifyingly violent material, but controversy is in the eye of the beholder.

Therefore you'll either see Marc Clancy's Powdah FX Instagram account as really gross, extremely controversial or one of the coolest social media accounts out there, and that's because Marc is a bit of a sicko.

The Powdah FX Instagram page is full of photos of Marc's amazing makeup work, much of which involves optical illusions that make the wounds seem more grievous, and some people think his work looks a bit too realistic.

But Marc thumbs his nose at those nervous Nellies and keeps posting his unnervingly realistic makeup fx works to Instagram, so people can see how his mind works.

See more from This Guy Runs The Most Controversial Instagram Account here

A Glass Slide Set Up on the 70th Floor

These days, it's nothing new to see glass viewing areas and sky walks, but riding a clear slide 70 stories up? That's something entirely different -and pretty nerve-wracking. But the US Bank Tower in LA is now proposing exactly that. Would you be up to riding the skyslide? And if you did, would you be brave enough to look down the whole way?

If you are, you'll also have to be willing to spend $33 just to experience the 7 second long ride -so I imagine the slide will be empty much of the time. I think I'll just wait to see someone experience it on YouTube.

Via LAist

Trompe L'Orange

(Photo: Ashby Design)

In about 1925, the Parisian perfumer Parfums de Marcy packaged its perfume in this unique arrangement. Each bottle takes the shape of a segment of the orange.

Parfums de Marcy was noted for its clever bottle designs. You can see more of them at Cleopatra's Boudoir.

-via Nag on the Lake

Are We There Yet?

That’s exactly it! So many road trips, so many questions, and they’re all the same. My answer was always “Yes,” which annoyed my kids, but they deserved it. I made them learn to read an atlas and watch the signs and mile markers. Today, they’d just pull up their GPS app. A few years of the same question over and over, and parents are quite primed to put up with the somewhat different hell of teaching kids how to drive themselves. This comic is from Kristian Nygård at Optipess. -via Geeks Are Sexy

Poké Ball Gown

Cosplayer Dani Skye made and wore this delightful punny dress to Katuscon in the DC area. She caught her boyfriend with it, who danced with her at the con ball. That was a challenge because, Skye explains, "the dress is quite poofy so it was hard to get close to my boyfriend to dance."

You can see more photos of her dress here.

-via Fashionably Geek

The Gittler Guitar: Marvelously Minimal

YouTube Link

Gittler Instruments presents their new line of guitars that are the epitome of minimalist design as far as guitars are concerned. The instrument weighs in at three pounds, has thirty-one frets and is made of aircraft grade titanium. The guitars have rounded frets, fret lighting, pickups and MIDI technology. Check out the demos above and below. Guitar players, what do you think? Via Laughing Squid

YouTube Link

Buster Keaton: The Art of the Gag

Tony Zhou’s video series Every Frame a Painting (previously at Neatorama) is always a fascinating, in-depth look at entertainment at its finest. In this episode, he deconstructs the techniques of a master of visual comedy: Buster Keaton.

(YouTube link)

There was so much thought, planning, and detail (as well as improvisation) that went into every frame of Keaton’s comedies, but it all came together to make us laugh, even without sound on film. Of course, understanding how it’s done in no way detracts from the pleasure of the movies. -via Metafilter

Bad Movie Science

This is an article from the new book Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Attack of the Factoids


Premise: The Gulf Stream, an Atlantic ocean current that helps regulate Earth’s temperature, has become so affected by global warming that it essentially stops. The ocean suddenly rises and massive icy tidal waves flood New York City. Within days, North America is a frozen wasteland.

Bad Science: Global warming can have a detrimental effect on the oceans, but it can’t stop the Gulf Stream that fast. Even if it could, in order for New York City to flood like it did in the movie, the entire continent of Antarctica would have to melt. For that to happen, all of the sunlight that hits Earth would have to be collectively beamed at the South Pole… for three years.


Premise: After the machines take over the world, the human resistance “scorches the sky” to block out the machines’ power supply— sunlight. So the machines use the humans for power, keeping them alive in a vegetative state while subjecting their brains to a life simulation. The machines “liquefy the dead so they can be fed intravenously to the living.”

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Neatorama's 10th Anniversary

Time flies when you're having fun! Today is Neatorama's 10th anniversary (that'll make this blog a fourth grader, right?) and I'd like to take a moment to reflect and give thanks.

It all started ten years ago in a spare bedroom in my house with this very first post (and the link is still good). Some 80,000 posts, 250 million visits, 155 million unique visitors and nearly 400 million pageviews later, we're still at it!

I'd like to thank Neatorama's wonderful team - Miss C, John, Jill, Zeon, Lisa, Rommel, Brian, Jen, Anthony, and my lovely wife Tiffany, and to all of you Neatoramanauts for making it a fun journey so far.

We've been working hard on the shop-side (have you checked out the NeatoShop lately? We'll do something fun there soon to celebrate!) We've also got a few neat things planned for the blog as well.

I can't wait to see what the next ten years will bring us :)

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