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Interesting piece Eddie. And all this time I thought men gave diamond engagement rings because the women said we HAD to.

A diamond is forever...too bad most marriages arent!
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I have been married more times than I care to admit, and never have I had an engagement ring. As a result, I've inherited several huge cluster rings from older women in the family who felt badly for me. I don't really care for diamonds, but I will pass the vintage jewelry down to my girls.
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There has been research into this. Class mobility has never been as great as we like to believe in the US (we mainly hear about the exceptions), but it has been diminishing over time.
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Your plane's shadow should always be inside a rainbow - since the central axis of a rainbow is in a line with your head and the sun, as is the plane's shadow.
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Awesome idea, really it is... except that about 70% of crashes occur during takeoff or landing, so detach-parachute would be useless. I'd rather see a system that was primarily designed to help during the 70% of crashes and might or might not work during the other 30%.
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