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In my early days i've seen the fight between Betamax and VHS... The early end of the Laserdisc... The end of 3D TVs.. Now i await the production of the last DVD player ... still awaiting the replacement of the blueray...
The most dazzeling aspect of all those techical achievements is that they still do not make better movies...
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Like any irreversible step, suicide should be thought through with a clear mind and surely not in a hurry. In case you think about suicide you should really thoroughly contemplate every little detail of it without any precipitance and you should really take you time, at least 10 to 20 years or even longer... the worst that could happen is that a natural cause of death strikes first...
Unfortunately, people considering suicide are usually in a very emotional state and are very impatient neither having the longanimity nor the wisdom to wait for the grim reaper, whom noone escaped yet.
As i think that his tattoos may reach much more young people that the above arguments, i can only say that i am happy for each young person not taking the final step...
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The only question i have after looking at the pictures is that, does the athlete select his sport after the shape of his body, or does the training and the sport form the athletes body? I presume both are partially true..
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Very nice invention, really very nice, and a better retro-fit solution and way better cushioning than omni-wheels.
Cool but where is the valve?
More important can i get some as wide base tyres?
Or as bias beltet tyres?
Which thread patterns are available? Offroad? Winter?
And most important, what is the speed rating of the tyres?
Is there any puncture proof / runflat version?
I would see a very good application in automated indoor vehicles...
It would also be possible to economize the steerable front wheels of a car...
Just a very nice invention...
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Hm... If wealth stay with the wealthy, doesn't this also mean that
povetry stays with the poor?

Would be interesting if a similar effect may also be observed in the United States of America (or any other democracy), where "all men are created equal"... but presumably born with spoons of different material in their mouth...
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I think it would clearly survive boht directions up and down the Empire State building...
cares for a smooth falling...
It would however be more difficult to track the trajectory of the ant and to consider the wind drift during the falling.

the absence of gaseous stuff would inside the ant would prevent it from exploding... at least if you carry it up there using the stairs..
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