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43 Things You Might Not Know about Studio Ghibli Films

Since the launch of its first film, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, the Japanese animation company Studio Ghibli has enchanted viewers around the world and hooked many people on anime. Rocket News 24 recently rounded up a long list of trivia that you might not know about the studio and its films.

For example, the castle in Howl's Moving Castle sounds like a loud, clanking machine that belches fire and smoke as it moves. Hayao Miyazaki, the director of the film, found a natural way of acquiring those sounds:

Miyazaki’s version of the castle is also more of an almost-organic clump of pipes, turrets, scaffolding and legs. To create the sound of the castle, Ghibli hired a team of carpenters, filled the studio with tools and asked them to do what they do best.

I Liked You Better Deaf

(YouTube link)

Dad has been hard of hearing for years, but he recently got hearing aids, and all of the sudden can hear everything that's going on. The big change was a little jarring for his two sons, who could not remember a time when their father heard so well. DannyTheHamilton wrote a little song about it, and unveiled it when the family was all together for Christmas. It was a big hit! Luckily, his brother TilterMcTilt recorded the whole thing for the rest of us. The lyrics can be found here.

I can well remember when my father got hearing aids and my family went through the same thing -which will probably happen again in the next few years when I break down and get my own aural enhancements. -via reddit

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