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Made "with" gunpowder, to launch the graphite disk. It's not made "of" gunpowder any more than my shoes are made of electricity. It's still diamond made of pure carbon. It's just arranged a bit differently due to the intense compression. That compression is so intense that the diamonds are destroyed by the same impact that created them.
Each process happened in several billionths of a second, or nanoseconds, but the researchers were able to make the stiffness measurements before the high velocity impact destroyed the diamond.
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Early airports have been build as disc shaped landing areas, and they have evolved to the strip design, i really assume that there is no way back. A very good example of designers having no clue of the subject matter they design and the fact that the road to hell is plastered with good intentions. Usually the landing gear of a plane is not well designed to make high speed turns. Additionally landing in a curve would also increase the landing speed, which is not desirable, and bringing a plane into the air seems also much more complicated. Air traffic patterns for this "merry fly round" seem to be just horrible. Ok fine, where do you put those usual markers for "blast pad", "threschold", and the markings indicating the distance to the end of the runway. Also is it clockwise or counterclockwise landing ring, or will it vary depending on righthand or lefthand traffic used in the streets of the respective country. Any pilot of a conventional taildragger landing gear airplane surely will experience new level of cursing when using this landing strip. Putting an aricraft damageless onto the grround requires a nubmer of decisions, it is already difficult enough to make all these decisions if you have clear limits and markings in case of smooth transitions as in case of a circular runway, this just sucks. I imagine the ILS design for instrument landing and the approach lighting system not to talk of VASI, PAPI or OLS on this monstrosity. The fact that even the research has been funded by the European Commission, indicates that the european commission should be given less money. And due to the fact that usually there is always a predominant direction of wind, it would be a waste of ressources to also provide possibilities to land in directions usually not requried. And finally the pilots and traffick controlles and the navigation map painters will immediately notice that the design is missing the gibbets for honouring the designers.They also designed an aircraft that would be optimised for use of the Endless Runway" should be the killer argument against this design.
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Whoever the engineers are, they don't understand aerodynamics very well. Airplanes take off and land into the wind. This lets them borrow airspeed from the local wind conditions. This means that runways are aligned with the dominant wind vectors at the airport. If you make the runways circular you can still only takeoff and land at two places on the circle set by wind conditions.
The only time this would be advantageous is if you build the airport on a site where the wind is highly variable. Even then, the air traffic control would be crazy.
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I had one husband I didn't sleep with regularly, but it wasn't because I didn't want to be with him; it was because he was very large and an insomniac. It just wasn't the optimum arrangement for sleep.
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I have heard some couples say their marriage was saved when they got separate beds. Everyone knows we get cranky without enough sleep!
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It's a really tough thing, ranking music. TV and movie music is even harder considering the nostalgia factor.

I almost immediately thought of a couple of themes that burned brightly in my mind and felt they were better than some on the list. I went and listened to a couple of them as a refresher and honestly had to reset my expectations.

All that said, their top choice of the Cheers theme sits rather well with me. It's an excellent theme song and really fit the show well.
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Ah, yes, as a gay man, I and all of my gay friends love nothing more than rubbing glitter over our bodies and prancing through town like a horde of Twilight vampires. /s (Amusing story, but unexpected sparkling body lotion would be unwelcome by many regardless of gender/sexuality, including us gay men.)
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"Fellas, Burt’s Bees Radiance Body Lotion Has an Unwelcoming Surprise for Straight Men." Unwelcoming means having an inhospitable or uninviting atmosphere or appearance."Perhaps this mineral is grinded into little glitter specs and sprinkled into the lotion to radiate your skin". "Ground” is the correct past tense form of “grind.” "Specs" is a Colloquial abbreviation for specifications or spectacles. "Specks is more likely what he meant. So much for literacy.
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