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There are plenty of people on Earth who want a sustainable city for inhospitable climates. Why not start there? Argentina pays a lot of money to keep their Antarctic colony going, for example. There's plenty of cheap land in our cold deserts, shipping is a lot cheaper, and survivability is rather higher, so I would expect sustainable cities here first, But of course, this is link is more marketecture than anything else. Sigh, I'm getting old and blasé.
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A problem with that interpretation of Giovanni Stanchi's picture is that Giuseppe Recco's Still-Life with Fruit and Flowers (ca. 1670, so essentially the same time as Stanchi) shows a much more normal looking watermelon. Stanchi's watermelon looks more like modern "hollow heart" watermelons, likely due to impropert pollination. (Of course I nearly only buy mass-produced store-bought fruit and veg so have little experience with produce outside of that conformity. I'm basing my opinion here on what I've read elsewhere, not personal experience.)
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The article says the proposed vehicle uses nuclear thermal propulsion, not nuclear pulse propulsion. I used the average distance to Mars, because the link refers to it as "on average around 140 million miles away". Mars 2020 is using low-energy Hohmann transfer orbit. A three month transit requires a higher-energy orbit, resulting in a shorter travel distance than a low-energy orbit. I don't know how much shorter. My goal was to show that the overall g-force could be very low, though I made the wrong assumption about how the engine operates. A longer trip needs less energy and less (integrated) g-force.
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Stronsay, an island in Orkney. Would love to visit. Won't live there for 10 years, even for $5M - too much of a city boy to enjoy an island with ~350 people.
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"Despite claims of 90% validity by polygraph advocates, the National Research Council has found no evidence of effectiveness. ... A polygraph cannot differentiate anxiety caused by dishonesty and anxiety caused by something else." -
So many police techniques - bite mark analysis, arson detection, bullet led analysis, and even fingerprint matching - have proven more questionable than the practitioners of the field suggest.
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Some of the people who use 'hashcat' to crack a password report numbers like 100 billion hash tests per second, for some hash types, so 139.3 billion/sec is entirely reasonable. Terahash will sell dedicated hardware which can, for some hash types, test over 1 trillion/sec. Buy more hardware = faster.
This chart doesn't mention which hash type they consider, which is another problem with it.
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Their web site lists only 1398 jobs across all Big Lots stores, all for "Temporary Part-time -Store Associate/Stocker" - that's barely enough to employ my high school graduating class.
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"food without any preservatives or MSG" - What? Why? That eliminates citrus (ascorbic acid is a preservative, more specifically, an antioxidant) .,, and MSG is naturally found in mushrooms, grapes, tomatoes, and more.
I can't help but think this is yet another diet piece aimed at the worries of people with too much money.
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Miss C, it wasn't until you mentioned that that I realized how unusual that warning might be. I was born in Miami (where Dave Barry worked for the Miami Hearld) and lived in Leon County. I can't count the number of times I saw an alligator - most often in parks and wildlife areas, but also in the city, and tourist place like Silver Springs. Last time I was in Leon County we went for a walk in the St. Mark's Wildlife Refuge. The scores of gators weren't scary ... until sunset when they started moving.
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The article says "Although long courses of antibiotics were once thought to prevent resistance, we now know that overuse actually causes more resistance to develop." I haven't tracked down that claim though - I heard the same as you.
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This sort of article isn't really part of the "Neat" aspect of "Neatorama". And the summary leaves out that it was a black student who "believes he was singled out in class because of his race, and that he feared for his safety when police were called", and that 'More than 100 faculty members signed a letter to the student newspaper “condemning the misuse of police in the classroom, calling out the institutional racism behind it, and telling you, our students, that we are with you.”' - quotes from .
Which makes it rather not neat.
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