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I think the Nimitz wouldnt have lasted long because its not designed to repel massed waves of aircraft. Its so huge, a japanese pilot would have to be blind not to hit it. After a few waves of Kamikaze's the ship would be a wreck.

You would have to keep the ship out of harm's way at all times and let the aircraft do all the fighting.
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I find it annoying that we keep beating ourselves over the head with this. Yes, in ignorance we have wiped out animals. It would have been incredible if we hadnt done that to be honest. How many species have humans saved from extinction? We never hear that little statistic...or the fact that the greatest exctinctions in history have all been due to mother nature.

Nature evolved us into being, on one hand, the perfect killing machine and on the other the exact opposite. Thats life, thats what humans are. Its like blaming rats for plagues as if it were their fault. Extinctions were bound to happen as a result of the evolution of humans. The same will probably happen to us as a result of the evolution of completely drug resistant bacteria - not far down the line.
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