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How about the curious phenomenon of people who came here from somewhere else being so outrageously hostile toward people who came here from somewhere else?
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Some non-alcoholic beers are good. The alcohol burn is a big part of the whiskey taste but that's no all there is too it. It has caramel, vanilla, wood, and char flavors. You could hypothetically evaporate the alcohol off and still end up with something good tasting. This stuff is apparently synthetic with no distilled mash involved, though.

It's no a stupid idea than bacon-like food made from tempeh, soy milk, and non-meat gelatin. All these things are popular and good tasting.

It would be nice to have a shot of whiskey in my coffee right now and still be able to drive.
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“We should be able to benefit enormously from these flytrap technologies,”

Huh? I can't think of one situation in the past 10 years where an insect powered robot would have made my life better.

We don't need insect eating machines competing with living insect eating animals like birds and bats for food. A swallow in flight is a hell of a lot more elegant than any robot.
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I put screens on all my winders and that keeps the flies out purty good.

If I get fruit flies coming in on produce I'll put a drop of dish detergent in a small dish of cider vinegar or wine vinegar.

I doubt you would need an inch of detergent as mentioned above. A few drops would be perfectly adequate to lower the surface tension of the water.
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