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"In fact, it dates to at least the 6th century C.E., to an Irish-born bishop named St. Elvis."

Uh, no -- not "C.E.." You should have written, "6th Century A.D.." We are not politically correct pagans, especially not when talking about a Catholic bishop like Saint Elvis! For the ignorant, "A.D." stands for "Anno Domini" -- Latin for "in the year of the Lord" (i.e., since the birth of Jesus Christ).
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The blogger's opening to this thread recommends that we "remember" the listed victims. How can we "remember" people whom we never knew? I suppose that the blogger meant, "think about" them.

But just "remembering/thinking about" them is not enough. We need to pray for the repose of their souls -- and especially to pray "retroactively" that they repent(ed) of any previously unrepented mortal sins, since such deadly things would keep their souls in hell -- away from entering heaven -- for all eternity. I think especially of people who were engaged in major theft, adultery, fornication (shacking up), pernicious racism, and many other deadly sins.

It was sad to read the inappropriate comments from "polux" and "Orjan Morjan," above.
"Polux" wrote, "a pity that all the others (civilians in Iraq/Afganistan, and elsewere..) will never be remembered the same way".
"Orjan Morjan" wrote, "that same day about 8 times as many human beings died from hunger and poverty. We just don’t know their names."

People like "polux" and "Orjan" don't have mental discipline, so they do not stop to reflect and realize that the (roughly) 3,000 people listed above were DELIBERATELY MURDERED by incredibly EVIL people, out of hatred for America. THAT is why their names are listed at an American Internet site.

The "civilians in Iraq/Afghanistan" whose names could be listed -- on Iraqi and Afghani Internet sites -- are those who have been DELIBERATELY MURDERED by the same kind of EVIL people (Islamofascist fanatics). Other civilians have died, but only accidentally.

The idea that about 24,000 people die daily from hunger is a canard, long ago exposed as a falsehood perpetrated by the "population-control imperialists," who try to fool people into believing the falsehood that the world lacks enough food to support its population. It is true that a large number of people die from hunger, but most of the oft-mentioned 24,000 people die of diseases (especially dysentery). The world has PLENTY of food to feed everyone, but there are areas (especially in Africa) where it is too hard to TRANSPORT the food to the needy, due to governmental corruption and civil war.

Finally, if there are any slain Americans who deserve to be named even MORE than the "9/11/2001" victims, it would be the (roughly) 3,500 innocent, defenseless unborn babies who are murdered EVERY DOGGONE DAY through surgical abortion. Yes, that's right ... So-called "doctors" are hit-men that end the lives of MORE people, every DAY in America, than died on 9/11/2001. May God have mercy on us all for not having ended the slaughter during the 35 years it has dragged on and on!
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What has been left unmentioned is the most important thing of all ...

The "fathers" of contraception in the U.S. and Great (?) Britain, Margaret Sanger and Marie Stopes, were open eugenicists, who were trying to wipe out what they considered the dregs of society.

Sanger explicitly published the fact that she wanted to "create a race of thoroughbreds," so she developed the American Birth Control League, which was later renamed as Planned Parenthood (more rightly called "Planned BARRENhood" and "Banned Parenthood).

Sanger was jailed for illegally making contraceptives available -- which was against most states' laws, passed by Protestant legislators (for, prior to 1930, ALL Protestant denominations rightly condemned contraception as gravely sinful).

Sanger also collaborated with evil doctors in Nazi Germany, but after World War II hid her earlier, enthusiastic promotion of eugenics.

Finally, in 1939, Sanger had a "Negro Project." In a private letter to Dr. Clarence Gamble (associated with Proctor and Gamble), she wrote: "We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members."
[You can read more here: ]
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"So, in AD 393, Roman Emperor Theodosius I banned the Ancient Olympics in part to institute Christianity as a state religion."

This is yet another anti-Christian lie, so prevalent throughout the Internet (including Neatorama), designed [by the Evil One] to poison the uneducated minds of the world's youth and others who spend a lot of time online.

The fact is that the ancient [not modern] Olympics were INTENSELY tied to the worship of pagan (i.e., false) gods, with oaths to them, etc.. Those running the games were UNWILLING to de-couple religion from athletics -- exactly what accusers now wrongly say about Christianity and other matters. The emperor's action was a virtuous act, done not out of a dislike of athletics, but out of concern for the peoples' souls.

Fellow readers, please do not be misled.
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Biblical references to lions are irrelevant to this thread, Sean. The original post intended to say that common housecats are not mentioned in the Bible.

The reason for this (I believe) is that the pagan Egyptians of the biblical era (stupidly) regarded cats as sacred. I think that they even had a cat god or goddess. God's "chosen people" -- the Hebrews/Jews, and the "new Israel" (the Church that Jesus founded) -- wisely avoided speaking positively of things Egyptian. Egypt was the land of slavery, idolatry, and sin.
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