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When my grandfather died my sister took some of his ashes, mixed them with clay, and made four small pots, one for each of his children. Some people thought it was a weird idea, but my Mother, aunts and uncles were very happy to recieve them. I thought it was a nice, creative way to memorialize him.
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All of this arguing over what it is called or how to spell it, and nobody bothered to point out that it is a travesty to drink whisky, scotch, or bourbbon cold! Give it to me warm, and neat, please.
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I'm all for garbage as art, I collect metal and car parts to make art. This is just GARBAGE.

And BB;

There is a difference between simple or minimalist art and someone spreading peanut butter on a floor. Some of my favorite works of art are simple. This is beyond simple. It is a spill in an aisle that someone took credit for.
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I like some abstract art, I even make abstract art. This is not art. Any jerk can spread peanut butter.This is pretentious garbage. They should have scraped it up and told the "artist" to get lost the first time someone stepped in it. Better yet, not allowed the moron who thought up this installation any access to the museum. It is time to stop giving people like this a voice. Go get a job, and leave art to real, talented artists.
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