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Cheeto-Fingers is part of the fun of eating cheetos.

Someone who's going to go pick up their pizza to save a few bucks isn't likely to have a seat warmer in their car. I say this as someone who goes to pick up their pizza to save a few bucks.
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@ ChrisW - and if he unwittingly purchased it from someone who said it was their "old phone"? We'd have to assume he's not too tech savvy.
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In reply to Killer: Because there may come a time, in whatever employment you may be in where you are ordered or have the choice to do something incredibly stupid/dangerous/immoral/illegal. And it will be your choice as to whether you follow these orders and/or directions. You shouldn't be rewarded for making the wrong choice.
This situation doesn't pass the layman test. If a layman were ordered to pepper-spray some peaceful protesters who present no threat to anyone but themselves (could get sunburned) would they believe that they should be pepper-sprayed in order to disperse them?
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