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I think you'd be surprised. You could probably get in and take right off. The only catch is if you learned on a hydraulic vs. cable clutch and you get in to the one you didn't learn on. It's sometimes tricky going back and forth between those.
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So much about that image is confusing.Is she in pajamas and sneakers? Why is she in pajamas. Why doesn't she hug him?What's with the weird rug with the border?Why are the fans on the wall. They won't be able to move air very well.Why doesn't she just hug him?!
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Not until the fines become a hindrance. You can save/profit $7 million and only get fined $250k? How is that even a choice.
Here's a hint: If the companies stock shoots up the next day because investors thought the fine would be more then you aimed way too low on the fines.
The $5bn on Facebook and $11bn on google are getting there. Equifax's fine? not even close. The company reported revenue of $3.41 billion for 2018 so the 500 - 700m they *might* have to pay will hardly affect the year-end bonuses.
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Correction - they probably collided something like 2 billion years ago and we're just getting around to watching the beginning of it.
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Be aware - just as the smoke clears and you're about to be able to see the result of such wanton destruction the video stops. Because why would you want to see the result of such a spectacular event?
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I live in rural Hawaii and don't have AC or Heat. Somehow this guy missed Hawaii.
That said, there are times when I could use AC, but you can always just head down to the beach.
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Try better speakers? Try cheaper speakers. Try headphones. All will do better or worse in different places in the audio spectrum.
The cheap crummy speakers in my laptop make it a very distinct Laurel, but I imagine when I get home and try my very nice equipment on my gaming PC I will hear something very different.
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