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"Everyone who doesn't see things my way is stupid and silly." pretty much what I'm hearing and is the worst arguement you could have come up with. My point isn't about my views, your views, etc.... it's about the fact that a view was expressed at all in a place that is supposed to be politicaly neutral for ALL to enjoy. Never did I say that a single person(myself) boycotting Neatorama would impact it negatively, but it does show the owners that one(or more) of their readers is dissatisfied with their course of action.

How would you all feel if Neatorama started ridiculing gay rights, or ObamaCare? Again, because I know some of you still won't get it, the point is that there should be no political stance at all.
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Fark Photoshop contests used to be fun in the 2000s because they were humorous and lighthearted. At some point people began flooding the contests with political "humour" which included hot-button topics like abortion and religion and eventually drove away half of the Farkers who had been participating and/or voting in this once lighthearted, trivial activity. I'd rather not see this happen to a site I enjoy such as Neatorama.
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A Modest Proposal's satirical relationship actually made sense the entire way though; it perfect embodied the actual ridiculousness behind the actual positions of those he was opposing.

The "You should see drowning as a gift" does not at all demonstrate the actual ridiculousness behind the statement "you should see a child [of rape]" as a gift. The comparison doesn't work.
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Again, we come to this site to see fun and interesting things, not political BS.

Also, the bottom half of this analogy falls apart; it doesn't make sense. Many people desperately want to have children; not too many want to drown. Nor does saving a person from drowning necessitate killing another living being.
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I don't appreciate Neatorama taking a political stance in a post one way or another. Nor do I appreciate the attempt by Neatorama to ridicule the beliefs and values of the majority of the population. I just found this site and am ejoying it's content, but if you wish to take such a bold political stance, I'll have to boycott this site and reccomend that others follow suit.
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