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It's a tricky situation... Countries can't allow their citizens to go fight wars for others, with no official sanction, then flee back to the safety of their home country at will. It could drag her home country into a war they don't want. And consider what if an opposition soldier makes it to Copenhagen and murders her, but claims it as a valid wartime battle, not murder... Making the country a legitimate battlefield and individuals immune from criminal prosecution under the Geneva convention.
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Hmm. . . Inaccessible to the public you say. You really think that's it? Only The Book of Secrets can confirm or deny this story. The truth is out there.
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Posted on a site that publishes new stuff around the clock...while people sleep...or not sleep.

Ah, the heck with it. You can sleep again tomorrow.
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Funny thing is, that's probably what the photographer intended all along, to generate controversy. After all, any publicity is good publicity right?
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I have wondered from time to time where the expression "blowing smoke up someone's ass" came from. Now I know! Thanks, Neatorama. I am so much smarter now.
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I'm not a big fan of Hallowe'en, but I think anyone who gets their jollies from tricking kids with fake candy has serious issues. Did they have a bad experience, as children, that makes them want to ruin it for everyone else? Just look at the faces of kids when they have scored a big bad of free candy. Only a true monster would want to ruin that. Either participate, or turn out your lights and ignore your door.
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Oh, come on! Must I do some sort of historical research in order to be allowed to represent someone from another culture that I might admire? Must I wear an apology tacked to my costume just incase I might offend someone? Seriously? Gimme a break!
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So I guess masquerade balls are no longer allowed then? I remember going to some masquerade balls back in the 70's and 80's and there would be a Marie Antoinette, a Napoleon, a Geisha girl (lady), a Native American princess, a gypsy woman, Eve, witch, vampire, mummy, werewolf, Freud, Moses, Pharaoh, Cleopatra, Henry 8th, Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth I, Ghandi and the list goes on.
The costumes were worn to reflect real or fictional persons that the wearers admired in some way. Not to ridicule or belittle the characters, IMO. Now? I just don't know. Playing pretend with no intention of trying to demean a person but to be someone you admire for one night doesn't seem bad to me. I guess that makes me an awful person. Soon it will be wrong for a guy to dress in drag or a woman to wear a 'man's suit'. This is getting out of hand to me. Maybe I had better just stay home for fear of offending someone with my choice of costume. Is it still okay to dress up as a cat??
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