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A friend of mine had a cat who also was attached to a stuffed animal, which we nicknamed Baby. Why? Because not only did she drag it everywhere, she would meow piteously if you accidentally stepped on it. Forget trying to touch it.
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Behold! as the wily hunter stalks his helpless prey. Thrill! as the relentless predator attacks again and again . Marvel! as the quarry keeps laying in the path of the ruthless onslaught. Giggle! as the clueless cats can't understand why a) this box is walking, and b) just won't go away and leave them alone.
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Ok, IMHO the "can't tell me when my car will be your own" comment deserves a standing ovation. Bravo (and thanx = I'm saving that line for the near future *grin*)!
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Kimba was my fav cartoon as a little kid. I cried for 2 weeks when they pulled Kimba off channel 11. I was devastated; there was no notice, just one day it was gone. As an adult I went to see The Lion King in the theater and walked out furious; they clearly stole the story from Kimba.

Yeah, I'm a little passionate about that white lion cub.
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