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What's the deal with America and being unable to cope with foreign accents? An incredibly thick Indian accent is one thing, but even the slightest twang in a foreigner is enough to make people cry for subtitles (or teaching *them* how to speak with an American accent? Really?!)

I find American accents to be vastly different from coast to coast, but still ultimately understandable. Do Americans put subtitles on people from Texas? New York?

It's about as sad as the insistence on making any foreign language film into an American remake, or else the audience won't 'get it'.

Pathetic. :/
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I think you'll find, at least in the UK, poor people have lots of kids at a young age because it nets them a house and benefits without having to work for any of it. :/
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I'm also in the UK and have never heard of this 'custom' of drinking a bride's urine at a wedding.

Some context to this article's claim would be nice. It suggests that this is an ongoing practice (especially when it points out that most of the other claims happened a long time ago), while the comments here suggest otherwise.

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