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Let snot forget Wilhelm Reich (March 24, 1897 – November 3, 1957)-On August 23, six tons of his books, journals, and papers were burned in the 25th Street public incinerator in New York's lower east side, the Gansevoort incinerator.[74] Among the material destroyed were titles that were supposed only to be banned, including 12,189 copies of the Orgone Energy Bulletin, 6,261 copies of the International Journal of Sex Economy and Orgone Research, 2,900 copies of Emotional Plague Versus Orgone Biophysics, 2,976 copies of Annals of the Orgone Institute, and hardcover copies of several of his books, including The Sexual Revolution, Character Analysis, and The Mass Psychology of Fascism.[19] This action has been cited as one of the worst examples of censorship in U.S. history.[2]-(WIKI)

Heya Swampy!!!
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Yeah Morris....It's called the Easy-Bake Oven-They still make it-45th Anniversary model is on sale now for $25, "your generation" is not that frikkin' old ya geezer, stop pretending to wax and pine for some far off time long ago with that self-absorbed melodramatic shpeeel...

It simply seems like a long time to those whose memories fail them in such insignificant aspects of spatial anomalies like passage of time and recent (100 yrs) history.Psycho-cybernetic programming of YOURS and SUBSEQUENT generations have rendered most people alive today fundamentally, functionally flawed.
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Jeeez, man, what a flashback-I had this one! All the Kiss comix, too from marvel-The band members all put their own blood in the ink for the pressings.
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