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EEM - Bi-polar is schizophrenia. Just a more accurate name for the unwashed masses.

As for seeing bi-polar symptoms earlier if the parents were older at conception, I'm gonna call BS on that. It all depends on brain chemistry, and when it changes during puberty. So unless dear old dad's genes are causing early puberty, there is no way to say that. I wonder if they are using date of DX or date of first symptoms.
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I dropped out of High School because of the pace. It was just way to slow. Never mind the annoyance of hearing the same questions asked 15 different ways. It is all in the way the brain processes information. I could answer hard math questions, but not tell the teacher how I got the answer. (I later realized I was working off of the laws of averages, and working backwards, but no one would work WITH me to figure out how I thought) Its starting to show in my my son as well, and I'm glad that I can be his mentor when I know the public schools are going to teach the same, boring, bland way when he gets to HS. With his ADHD, praising efforts is just as important as feeding him breakfast in the morning. He is a brilliant little boy, and I indulge him in that fact on occasion, but his best results always come from rewarding effort, not result.
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