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Two dragons, you're assuming this child will grow up NOT mentally impaired. Look at the shape of the skull. The baby has severe Microcephaly.
Development of motor functions and speech may be severely delayed. Hyperactivity and mental retardation are common occurrences. The odds of this baby ever being a cohesive thinking being are not good.

I know its mean to say it, but this baby is not going to be any sort of Helen Keller.

Irrational bleeding hearts can do a lot of good in the world, sometimes they can just be irrational. The world is not full of happy endings. Not every situation can be fixed.
Try to help one deformed baby who caught media attention, or help 50 children, who aren't in the public eye? Sometimes issues aren't black and white. They're cold, depressing shades of grey.
IMO, if the mother is asking for public help, then she is taking money away from a LOT of other needy kids who WILL grow up to be cohesive thinking beings. Sadly, I really can't say I agree
with letting a severely deformed child have priority over a mass of other children who WONT get any help, because they don't have scary pictures to get attention with.
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Michael, I have some news for you about these things that you state as being unequivocally true. Actually, there are two things I want you to know.

First, you do not understand entropy (which you are undoubtedly referring to when you say 'the law of thermodynamics'). It's the second law of thermo, by the way. Yes, there is more than one.

The second thing you must know is that when you make arguments based on things that you haven't studied (thermodynamics) but others (me, others) have, you cannot begin to convince your opponent or the greater audience. Take awhile and learn about evolution and thermodynamics. If you do so and still maintain your viewpoint, then try again and you will at least make a coherent argument.
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