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"In 1939, alarmed by the rise of Nazi Germany, physicist Leó Szilárd [wiki] convinced Einstein to write a letter to president Franklin Delano Roosevelt warning that Nazi Germany might be conducting research into developing an atomic bomb and urging the United States to develop its own."

Einstein lied, Japanese died! Pacifist indeed! The Nazis had no WMDs (at least not stockpiled) and the Allies started WWII by interfering in a central European war that it had no business being part of. America provoked Pearl Harbor by interfering in pacific trade. In fact it is entirely possible that the US faked the attack to give justification for a war of imperialism. This was probably done in coordination with Israel since it is known for a fact that no Israeli citizens showed up for work at the Pearl Harbor naval base on the day of the attack.

At least, that is what I have learned from the world view of today's peace activists. Man! Life is so pretty when you just let go of your senses.
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