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Big 'Heads fan - longtime listener. I was in the audience for the filming of one of the "Stop Making Sense" concert movie shows, but wasn't a huge Heads fan then. I have always "appreciated" them, if not adored them. I love them more in retrospect, for some reason.

Now my 3-1/2 year old has been requesting "Make Believe Mambo" for months now, and has taken a great liking to Mr. Jones. He loves them horn arrangements.

Also, do yourself a favor and check out a video I watch about once a month, the Heads live in Rome doing Crosseyed & Painless. The camera work blows, but Belew is on guitar and the energy in that performance just blast out of the tiny yootoob screen.

Oh, and I have tix for DB's Seattle show in June. Can't wait - dick or not!
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It seems creepy and a little "unbalanced" to me, but after seeing what some friends, relatives and coworkers have gone through in their attempts to conceive or carry a healthy child to term, it doesn't really surprise me that much.

In some ways, it reminds me of those nature documentaries where an animal's egg gets stolen and it goes right on preparing the nest, storing food, etc. I realize that's more pure instinct on the animal's part, but I think the nesting/parenting drive is incredibly strong in many animals, including ourselves, even to the point of self-delusion and make-believe.
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Years ago, while browsing boxes of photos and documents at the National Archives, I came across a train ticket from a whistlestop tour that I believe Hitler made before the war. Whoever's ticket it was managed to get it signed by him. It's a very creepy feeling to hold something in your hand, even with a cotton glove on, that Hitler likely touched or held.
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