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"When news of the war souvenir broke in May 2004, reporters asked President Bush if he planned to give the pistol to the next Iraqi president. No, he said, it "is now the property of the American government." The gun is kept in a small study off the Oval Office, and according to one White House visitor who late spoke to Time magazine, the president "really liked showing it off. He was really proud of it.""

Man ... that paragraph makes me freaking sick to my stomach. So he pretty much just stole the gun then huh? I cannot wait untill this guy is out of office. He's no better than a poacher, showing off is trophy. What a sneaky thief.
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Noah, get a freaking break. You shouldn't let your kids use the internet unsupervised anyways ... and if so, then expect them to see stuff like this. You can't protect them forever you know.

Guess what Noah? Humans are cruel creatures. Even that idiotic book that lots of people read & worship (yes, the Bible) is filled with crazy crap like this. I'm betting that you're Christian ... and let's not forget that Christianity is not all lollipops and rainbows ... remember the Crusades? Hell ... remember during medieval times when the church would refuse service to those who were handicapped? Talk about cruel and screwed up.

Mankind is not without it's fair share of brutality ... you can sugarcoat it all you want, but at the end of the day ... the world is still a sick place.

I thoroughly enjoyed this post Neatorama! Thank you!

The Spanish Donkey sounds horrific!
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