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X-Calibre, in the author's defense, his next paragraph refers to them as arachnids.

Also I don't know if there is anything else behind him saying insects because he is not referring to modern day scorpions but an ancestor of them. Maybe they were technically classified as insects. I'm not sure though, google wasn't very helpful on this.
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You're right paperboy it's so entertaining when bear grylls says he's repelling off a cliff with vines and instead is uses a harness and gear. It's so entertaining when bear grylls says you can float down a rushing river with only a backpack and a couple of plastic bags, but instead has to use a life vest just to stay afloat.

I know that entertainment is part of the reason people watch it, but another big part is the show claims he will "show you" how to survive in the wild. He and his production team try to make it something it's not.

Look I don't need the internet to tell me the show is ridiculous when he comes in with a script where they pretend a bear is coming after him while he sleeps. His advice? Run through the woods in the dead of night and leap off a cliff into a river even though you have no idea how deep it is. If a grizzly bear (or black bear) is looking to attack you that is probably the worst thing you could do. Not only is it faster, but anybody who knows anything about bears knows turning tail and running is the wrong move.

So yeah call it entertaining if you want, but in no way are criticisms of him "misrepresented". Man vs Wild tries to come off as realistic and educational as well as entertaining. Sure they may have the entertainment part down, but it's not very realistic or educational.

You don't have to take my word for it though, ask anyone who knows anything about survival situations and their advice will often vary greatly from what he gives.
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While this is pretty interesting, I find it hard to believe that you can really and honestly convert today's dollar worth with what it would be worth 1000 or 2000 years ago (you know what I mean). I'd love to see the formula and information on that because it seems pretty suspect...
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Well whoever wins the election, they are going to be in for a hard four years. The economy will still be in trouble, and we will still be fighting in Iraq. None of these have easy and quick solutions.

In a sense I kind of feel bad for whoever gets the top spot next, because most likely he will be blamed for not miraculously fixing these multi layered, and complicated problems.
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