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I hate to say this, but Snopes are not the be all and end all, and HAVE been wrong, on more than one occasion.

Supposedly the Jessica Rabbit thing only existed in workprints and was removed from the release version. (Heard that from an actual animator.)
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Geena Davis also qualified for the Olympics didn't she, in archery?

MENSA is such a scam. Proof that smart people are just as gullible as dumb ones.

Last time I did an IQ test I had an IQ of 142. Wife tested six points higher...
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The Giving Tree is a truly TERRIBLE book. Not only does he look like Satan on the back, but the story teaches kids to be a doormat.

Awful book. I hated it. Wife hated it. Kids hated it. "The tree is stupid" my eldest said.

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Oceans 11 is one of my favourite films. 12 and 13 both fail IMO due to the "here's something you didn't see that was pivotal to the whole thing" Agatha Christie BS. Oceans 11 stands without such trickery.

Still want to know the REAL reason Don Cheadle doesn't have his name in the credits. That reason listed doesn't jive.

And Basher's accent isn't that bad. I've heard far worse British accents. Though once again, why couldn't they just cast a Brit in the role?
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The endings are irrelevant really, and you could easily have avoided them as it made it clear in the article they were there. DUH! Your fault you read them.

Funny as hell movie. Hopefully if they're doing a remake, the original will get a better DVD release as it's fairly crap.

Several notable idiots, in particular Kevin Smith, hate the film. Which is a big part of why I'm going off old Silent Bob. (That and his increasingly "phone it in" level of commitment to things.)
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Michael Buffer is a tool. (Typed that as "bugger" first. Tempted to leave it...) That phrase is so trite and pathetic I mute the sound whenever he turns up.

Most famous phrase? I can think of many others that are more famous, and a hell of a lot less annoying.
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