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In my experience: The more isolated/remote/small a town, the more freakishly cult-like and religous they are.
Religious nuts love small towns because theres less people to stand up to their extremist views, and they get to be control freaks over the rest.
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Most thoughts of the pyramids and Egypt stir thoughts of ancient statues, the riverbed of the Nile, old times, interesting rituals, and ancient ways. When I think of Egypt I think of ancient pharaohs, deep meditative moments, of a sun setting in the dusty desert with picturesque camels.

A PIZZA HUT? For *insert curse word* sake. This is very wrong. And i don't mean that in a "lol-kekeke dude thats messed up" way.

I mean: It should not be there. The people of the area should be very VERY offended, and any tourist spotting the eyesore should be completely and utterly ashamed of the USA and EVEN MORE ashamed if they step foot inside.
Pizza hut...KFC? Seriously... No. What the hell is wrong with you, corporate greedy people?
Can't we hold anything sacred? Can't we keep SOME of our dreams without a Nike logo slapped across it?
This is just very profoundly saddening. Seeing that just makes me depressed.

Just plaster a Pepsi logo across the moon already... When I look up at the stary sky in its infinite wonder, I want to be sure I know which brand to drink.
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The dog mayyyyybee had advance warning...but what good did it do for the dog? The dog runs off in a random direction not knowing its ass from the exit.
Early Earthquake warning vs Brains during earthquake = brains still win.
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I don't use the Browse by Date and Browse by Tag features on the side bar. Get rid.

I hate social media buttons. They just get in the way.

You have a list of categories? Oh... so you do. Uhm... shrink it. I go by whats fresh, not by subject anyway.

Make the pictures larger only if you have a higher res picture on hand. Don't increase the size just to increase it. Text doesn't need to be larger. Most browsers have ways to increase that stuff for the blind moles out there anyway, and more likely than not... they already use such features if they can't see what they're reading. No need to over complicate.
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