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Well this is just offensive bullcrap. Chauncy Morlan weighed upwards of 550lbs (several websites claim 602lbs)...that's still in the "freakish" territory these days. Yes, there are people his size when you go places in America, though certainly not a DOZEN, and they're still viewed as freaks. BELIEVE ME. My husband, at 6 feet tall, weighs a solid 425lbs. He is constantly stared at, treated badly and viewed as a freak. It is NOT OKAY to make fun of a fat person or treat them badly. You have no idea the pain they go through on a daily basis. And NO. It IS NOT as easy as putting down the fork...if it were I would guess that there would not be an obesity epidemic in this country.

I simply do not understand how a feeling and emotional human being can post something of this nature and think it was okay. It's not. You're promoting hate and opening up comments that are going to hurt people...a LOT of people according to the medical community. WHY would you do that? I understand how you feel about the medically obese, I just don't think that posting a picture of a sideshow freak is anything but needlessly inflammatory.
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