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I think in this case it had more to do with the 'them' vs. 'us' cliquish/clannish mentality of small towns. I mean, it didn't help they first showed up in a Lexus with bling bling from Florida.

But Alex does bring up a good point, wonder if it would have been any worse if it were a family of a different race.
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Actually this is the same principle I believe that the scientists working on the invisibility cloak are using. Their cloak uses some form of cameras to project the image of what is behind the subject onto the front of the subject, so it looks like you are seeing through it.

Very neat.
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About number 6 and safety, I read that Magic Mountain was quite the gang infested haven. Not sure if it's still like that but one of the reasons I haven't gone there in a long, long, long time. Disney still seems pretty safe, considering it seems like it's much closer to the 'gang epicenter' in southern california.
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Good gracious, the trolls sure do get riled up over religion don't they? Ridiculous baiting and bickering going on.

At any rate, how many here knew that the Greeks invented the almighty jock strap?
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