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I'd rather lack all my fingers before writing a joke out of this boy. I recalled the fictitious species, called "manos" in El Eternauta (
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I used to cut bottles using an alcohol-soaked string and fire. When it was burning around the bottle, I sprayed water and the bottle separated in two. Unfortunately the vases became unstable and cracky. I wish I had a bottle cutter. Rgs.
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Why do some readers compare this to the Afgasnistan pig? The writer of that post just mentioned facts without offending the country or their society--the opposite of this one.
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In Chile, there is a joke that has the same theme:

An old man, who was 100, with an extraordinary memory, is visited by a young journalist. He asked many questions about his life, like what he ate in his 4th birthday. "I ate eggs," he recalled.
The journalist was happy and his interview was a success. 50 years passed and he became the Head Director of Life Magazine.

After retiring, he remembered his first interview and decided to pay a visit to the town where this man lived and leave flowers at his tomb.

When he arrived, people told him that the old men was still alive and 150 years old.

The journalist ran to his house shouting: but how? how?

The old man answered:
"fried, fried eggs."

I though this piece of news was in fact my old joke!
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