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"Confusingly similar"? Like how I sometimes mistake birds for doorknobs?

Remax could put it another way: Our argument is that people are laughably stupid and can't read or see colors. For their premise to work, that's what they'd have to essentially mean.
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Yeah, as much as I die a little inside when my family fakes a British accent around my boyfriend, it is at least as cringeworthy when my boyfriend tries to talk with an American accent. It's just so...wrong.

But maybe we all DO sound like vaguely retarded yokels.
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Well I'm not going to argue that this study is solid, but my personal opinion is that working monotonous jobs, doing the same thing over and over, to the exclusion of variety in life, getting enough time outdoors, in bed sleeping or not sleeping (wink), playing with your kids or writing that book or whatever--cannot be optimum for the human organism.

I know people have to do what they have to do, but it does not strike me as implausible that spending ten hours a day shuffling papers would atrophy the brain and curb vitality a bit. At another time in history, a typical day might look something like: prepare food, dig in the earth, tell stories around a fire, build something, etc. That picture, I think, engages more of the full human being rather than denying certain parts of it, as the common modern lifestyle could be argued to do.

This probably sounds kind of new agey, but whatever. Doing the same thing over and over, especially in a noncreative realm that doesn't have any direct personal meaning, for the majority of your waking life does not seem like the surest route to health and happiness.
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